Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Ranma 1/2: Ukyo

Okay continuing with the Ranma girls for a bit... Tonight's tribute is to Ukyo Kuonji. ^_^

The Foot on the left is Ukyo's. The foot on the right belongs to Shampoo. ^_^
Lucky Ryoga. ^_^;
(The scenes in this are from Ranma Episode 68, 154 (The Fanservice Swimsuit episode), The Nihao My Concubine Ranma Movie, The Ranma Christmas Special and the 12th OVA The Two Akanes.)

Ukyo is the Main character's  (Ranma's) childhood friend.When Rama was younger, his father arranged for Ranma to marry Ukyo neglecting to mention that Ranma was already promised to someone else. As a result Ukyo starts off the series furious with Ranma and wants to defeat him in a fight. She doesn't stay mad at him for long though and once the two of them make up she develops a crush on him. Ukyo is a skilled chef. Her specialty is making Okonomiyaki  (a type of Japanese crepe/pancake) and she owns a successful restaurant. She is also very good at Martial arts which she seems to combine with her cooking skills using her spatulas as attack weapons

Personality wise Ukyo is pretty nice. She a good friend and reliable always willing to back  Ranma up when he needs her. She calls him Honey in the dub which is pretty sweet. She also gets along well with Ranma's other fiance Akane (the heroine of the series) despite that fact that she wants Ranma for herself. 

Ukyo is also pretty determined when it comes to meeting her goals. She wants to be the best Okonomiyaki chef in the world and works very hard at it. She also works really hard to win Ranma's affections. She has a rivalry with Shampoo (another character that crushes on Ranma) and competes with her constantly over his affections 

^_^ Of the many characters that are attracted to Ranma... Ukyo is probably my favorite. She's sweeter than a lot of the girls in the series and she seems really nice. She's also extremely capable being able to run her own business and being a strong martial artist as well. The Okonomiyaki she cooks also looks incredibly tasty. All in all she's a great character.

Sadly Ukyo doesn't have as many barefoot scenes as other characters in the series. I'm happy though that there are at least a few with her. Like with Nabiki... I tried to post all her barefoot scenes that I know about in this tribute. If there are any other barefoot scenes of her that I missed let me know and I'll try to add them. 

Ok everyone. That's all for tonight. As always though... more to come soon!