Thursday, September 1, 2016

Poll 67 Results

It's that time again... The Poll has been closed... The Votes have been Tallied... and after 819 votes... here are the results.
It look like Shantae wishes for foot fans were granted... she claimed the top spot in this poll and proved that her feet are the ones that most people would wish to rub. In second place was the lovely Princess Jasmine and Marina Ismail from Gundam claimed 3rd place. Don't feel too bad for the rest of these girls... they all proved to have people happy to rub their feet on their own and none of them walked away with less than 5 votes.

As always... I just want to thank everyone for voting and sharing their opinion and I'll try to keep them in mind in the future. I try to a tribute to Shantae soon.

Ok...  A lot to do today. I guess I'll try for a new poll tonight and the Marathon is still going on. Hard to believe we did 73 days in a row guys. ^_^

Also an important announcement for fans/authors. It's the 16th anniversary of the Writing site so they are holding a lot of special events this week. You can get 1600 points a day just for logging into your account. There are also special contests and activities available this month. You guys can see the full list here.

One of the things they are doing though is that they are offering 10 times the Gift Points  for story reviews. I'm going to try to  review as much as I can this week so if you have a story that you want me to review. Just let me know and I'll review it.

Also as a bit of shameless plug it's a great opportunity to review the items in my writing portfolio because the payout is really high.

Ok Everyone that's all for know. Thanks for reading and as always more to come soon!


  1. Oh yeah... my favorite was Elika. She's so sweet and attractive and charming. It was fun having a beautiful barefoot princess like her as your companion throughout her game. ^_^ what poll to do for tonight? ^_^;

    Anyway great voting everybody. :-)

  2. Glad you decided to include Egypt, even though I didn't vote Pharah she's still an awesome character. I picked Finé cause I've actually watched all 3 seasons of Symphogear. So I was actually most familiar with her believe it or not. Gotta love hot, dominant, and batshit crazy ;-)

    Actually most geography textbooks agree that Egypt is considered part of the Middle East. Desert Climate, Culture, Ethnic Background, Islam being the religion of over 90% of the country and the national language being Arabic. Some even go as far as including all of Northern Africa for the same reasons. There is some small debate simply because it's technically on a different continent but it's so different from the rest of Africa that most, including Egypt itself, consider it an Arabic nation. I pay attention in class lol.

    1. Finé seems like a really awesome choice. I guess Symphogear is another anime that I have to add to my list. Pharah is great too. ^_^

      :-D That's great. Yes you are right. Egypt becoming Arabic dates back to 7th century after the Muslim Conquest of Egypt. Between this and the Cleopatra post last month my knowledge of this seg,emt of Egyptian history has gone way up lol. Who knew blogging about female character's could wind up being so educational.

    2. It's a fun one for sure lol

      Lol fetishes for the win! xD But in all seriousness I do learn quite a bit by doing research for stories, ha ha.

    3. :-)

      Lol yup. Yeah I think it's one of the reasons your story chapters are so good because you make the the extra effort to do background research for them and include them in your writing. ^_^

    4. He he. Thanks :-) I can be exhausting at times though lol.

    5. :-) I can imagine but definitely well worth it.

  3. I havent played much of overwatch but I chose Pharah she attracts me for some reason

    1. I can definitely understand that. ^_^ She seems really hot. :-)

  4. It was a tough call between Jasmine and Pharah, but I had to vote for Sniper Wolf.

    1. Oh yeah that's an excellent choice. I almost went with Sniper Wolf myself. She is really awesome. :-)