Friday, September 23, 2016

Ranma 1/2: Akane Tendo (Mega-Post) w/ Bonus

For the Grand Finale to the Ranma posts.... Here is a Mega-post to the female (well I guess other female) lead of the series... Akane Tendo. She not here alone though. Included in this tribute is some bonus content involving the two female antagonists from the Ranma episode "The One To Carry On" Natsumi and Kurumi. Enjoy Everyone!! 
(These are from Ranma 1/2 Episodes 1, 15, 17, 59, 61, 154, The Ranma OVA's  5, 6, & 12 and the Ranma Movie Nihao my Concubine. Once again I have to give a tremendous Thank You to Starky for sending in about 500 caps of material for the character.)

Previous Anime Feet Tributes to Akane:

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Female Ranma

Akane is Ranma's Fiance. She a kindhearted girl but tends to be pretty hot tempered and volatile especially where Ranma is concerned. Akane is a bit of a Tomboy. A running joke in the anime is that she is a horrible cook. Instead, she likes Martial Arts and trains very hard. She doesn't have nearly as high a level of skill as her fiance but she's definitely not a weakling either. I think in one of Akane's earlier tributes... I talked about how Akane could shatter rocks with her feet. She also demonstrates those badass skills again in this tribute where she destroys a training dummy.

The great thing about Akane is that she is barefoot alot. I repeat ALOT. Chalk it up to her being a martial arts tomboy combination. It definitely makes the series a lot of fun to watch. ^_^

Ok... this pretty much concludes the Ranma tributes. As an added way to wrap up the series now that we've tributed all the characters, I added a bonus Ranma poll just until the end of the month. Is there any Ranma woman whose feet you enjoy the most or a female character from the series you like in general? Now your chance to share your love for them. :-D

Alright guys. That's basically it for tonight. Have a great weekend and as always... more to come soon!


  1. I should probably also mention that while we posted all the women for the series, it doesn't mean we're completely done with these characters on the site. Some of you have already pointed out some excellent follow up material for Nabiki, Kodachi and Female Ranma that weren't covered in these tributes. They'll definitely be posted in the future. If you guys know other scenes that weren't covered in these sets... just let me know and I'll try to cap them as well. ^_^

    1. An awesome find of Akane.^_^
      That sounds great in the meantime who next :-D

    2. Thanks. ^_^

      I think next week will be a catch up week. I'm going to try to post some of the characters people recommended including Holo. :-)

  2. Wow, all those shots of her outside barefoot! It's all awesome! There's probably tons more scenes like them!

    1. From all of these and more, we clearly know Akane loves barefooting. I'm very glad for that.

    2. Hey, Triton, did you ever answer my question on whose feet would be dirtier between Girl Ranma and Akane?

    3. :-) Me too

      Maybe Akane. Ranma gets doused with water pretty regularly.

    4. Ah, good point. Regardless, I still wanna play with them all.

    5. Yeah truth be told I wouldn't mind getting kicked around by any of these Ranma girls. ^_^

    6. To be honest, I don't know if I'd wanna be kicked by the Ranma girls, but I'd definitely love to play with them all. Incidentally, I imagine that I'd probably have the easiest time convincing Kasumi and Nabiki to let me at them, Kasumi would probably say yes if I'm nice and charming, and definitely familiar with her, as for Nabiki, it'd most likely be for a price.

    7. Yeah I think that they would be fun to play around with as well. :-D Yeah I think that strategy for covincing Kasumi and Nabiki is spot on. ^_^

    8. Thank you, I thought so, too. :D

  3. There's the last Takahashi's anime, Kyoukai no Rinne with some barefoot scenes, now I'm just at ep. 3 and there's one starting around 10 minutes.

    1. O_O That sounds awesome. Thanks so much for the recommendation Kitty Pakah. :-)