Thursday, September 22, 2016

DC Super Hero Girls: Hawkgirl

Another DC Super Hero Girls tribute. This one is for the famed Thanagarian, Kendra Saunders, better known to fans as Hawkgirl. In DC Super Girls, she is a by the books student at Super Hero High. She acts as the Hall Monitor and a member of the Junior Detective Agency. In the latest movie, she was one of the nominees for the title of Hero of the Year, but was attacked by Dark Opal and had her Nth Metal Belt stolen. Beast Boy later returned it to her after it fell from the villain's possession. She also acted as a tutor for Beast Boy to make him a more serious hero, but learned to appreciate him for how he did things as himself. She is serious and keen in mysteries, and like all of the students, cares very much for Super Hero High and its students (though she mostly has to make sure Cheetah doesn't speed in the halls [According to her, the speed limit is 25 mph]).

Interesting fact: this version of Hawkgirl is a Latina, just like her DCAU Counterpart. The following clips are from today's episode, "Hawkgirl's Day Off", in which she, Batgirl, Supergirl and Bumblebee bring her to the spa so that she can have a day off from all of her duties. You'd think that all of the girls would have a barefoot scene, but it was only Hawkgirl. She's more of a work person than a relaxing person, as she finds fighting bad guys as relaxing. There's nothing better than a day at the spa for a girl, especially when she goes barefoot. Imagine the possibilities of meeting a girl at the spa with her shoes off. Hope you enjoy this post.


  1. O_O Wow. I've always wanted to see Hawkgirl barefoot. This is a spectacular Flynn. Really great post!!

    1. I think this marks the first time she's ever gone barefoot in any animated series.

    2. Yeah I think so as well. A barefoot Hawkgirl is an extremely rare site. ^_^

  2. Um, Hawkgirl isn't latina in the DCAU. She's an alien Thanagarian. :P

  3. Her bedroom slipper disappeared!