Saturday, September 24, 2016

Mighty Magiswords: Vambre

Ok tonights tribute is to a cute warrior named Vambre from the series Mighty Magiswords. ^_^
(These are from the Mighty Magisword Short Pool Fools. A Big Thank you to GumballW for  recommending this character and episode. :-D)

Mighty Magiswords is about a group of twins that are "Warriors for Hire". The two collect a variety of swords all with different sorts of powers. Following the lighthearted nature of the cartoon. A lot of the swords have Wacky unexpected abilities.

Vambre is the sister of the group. She's described as hating pants. Instead she opts for blue leotard as part of her normal outfit. She also speaks with a British accent which is really cute. Vambre is voiced by Grey Griffin (aka Azula from Avatar). Chalk up another really cool voice from that Actress. ^_^

Ok guys... that will do it for tonight. ^_^ As always though... more to come soon!