Sunday, September 25, 2016

Detective Conan: Ran Mouri

Ok tonight's tribute is to Ran Mouri from Detective Conan. ^_^
(A Massive Thank You to Axel_Arigato for sending in these images. ^_^)

Ran Mouri (Rachel Moore in the Funimation's Dub)  is the romantic interest of the lead Detective Conan character Shinichi Kudo aka Conan Edogawa. For those unfamiliar with Detective Conan's premise, Shinichi was a Highschool Detective who while investigating a dangerous case was forced to take a formula which turned him into a kid. As a child, Shinichi solves difficult case using the alias Conan while hiding his identity from his loved ones in order to keep them safe.

Ran grew up together with Shinichi and the two of them are very close. She isn't aware that Conan and Shinichi are the same person but she still feels a subconscious connection to his child form so she looks after him as well. Ran's personality can be described as patient, kind and nurturing. At the same time she is brave, resourceful and intelligent. She has a Blackbelt in Karate and can definitely hold her own in a fight. She has the strength to shatter rocks and her can often take opponents out with a single kick. In addition to her karate skills, Ran is also a talented musician. She can sing and play the piano. She also has good instincts and tends to win out in lotteries and games of chance. She's seems like a really cool character. ^_^

Detective Conan is one of the series that I've really been wanting to watch. It's an intimidating series though having aired over 800 episodes so far. It must be a really fun series to have lasted that long. ^_^

Ok I'd better call it a night everyone. As always more to come soon!


  1. I feel your pain. I really wanna watch Sgt. Frog, but it has 358 episodes >_< I'm already 98 into Fairy Tail (Which now has a second series on top of the original 200something) and I told myself only one big one... Maybe I'll watch the Sgt. Frog Reboot which is only 24 episodes

    1. Long running animes. ^_^; Always difficult to join in on. At least with Sgt. Frog there is a lighter watch option. I really want to get into Fairy Tail too but I haven't even started the main series. That another really intimidating watch. One Piece is another one with over 750 episodes. One of these days I want to get back into watching Naruto as well. At least I'm deep into Shippuuden with that one.

    2. Ha ha. Yeah :-) The eternal struggle lol

    3. Yup always more anime to watch then you have to time for lol. ^_^

  2. In My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: The Legend of Everfree Sunset Shimmer is barefoot for a brief scene.

    1. If I knew how to get a decent shot I'd totally go after them. All I could do was replay the scene over. And over. And over >_>

    2. No problem I'm sure Brony Rebellion X can do it