Saturday, September 17, 2016

Ranma 1/2: Kasumi Tendo

Ok... continuing with the Ranma women. Tonight's post is a tribute to the eldest Tendo daughter Kasumi. :-D
(As with most of these tributes, a lot of these images are from Ranma 1/2 Episode 154. However there are some additional sets from the Ranma Movie Nihao My Concubine and the Ranma OVA Episode 12)

As with Kodachi, I wasn't initially intending to post Kasumi in this tribute set but she was just too sweet a character not to post. Added onto that Kasumi had some really awesome barefoot/swimsuit scenes in the Ranma Beach episode the Battle for Miss Seaside and if you watched the episode... *cough* minor spoiler alert  *cough* then you know that when it comes to swimsuit competitions, Kasumi steals the show.

Kasumi is the oldest sister of the Tendo family and her demeanor is a lot different from her siblings. She tends to be the nicest of the three. The Youngest Tendo sister Akane tends to be pretty hot tempered, while the middle sister Nabiki (who you guys saw earlier this week) tends to be pretty manipulative. Kasumi on the other hand is kindhearted and sweet always doing everything she can to help others. She genuinely seems to like seeing people happy. To give you an example, there was one episode where she had the flu and she was still trying to force herself out of bed so that she could help her family when they needed her. The mother of the Tendo family passed away when the girls were younger and as a result Kasumi is sort of like a surrogate mother to that family looking out for them the way that a mother would. She does all the household chores and she never really asks for anything for herself.

In terms of looks... as you can see above, Kasumi is also really beautiful. She  is the tallest of her sisters and it's definitely understandable why a lot of characters are attracted to her in the show. The Family Doctor in the series (Dr, Tofu) is so smitten by her that he can't seem to concentrate whenever she is near. You can't really blame him. ^_^ She is really great. :-)

Ok... That's all for tonight. Thanks for reading everyone and more to come soon!


  1. Yup she really is so sweet and beautiful I just love her:-D

  2. I look at your hit list i can see if I can find some pics of coco feet for you :-)

    1. O_O That would be awesome. Thank you Dean. ^_^

    2. Okay I'll let you no what i can find ^_^

    3. Found one on episode 80 here one on episode 130 this time she has on sandals that all i found i hope it helps :-)

    4. O_O Great! Will check both those episodes out. Thank you so much Dean. ^_^