Thursday, September 8, 2016

Future Diary: Yuno Gasai (Mega-post)

Okay tonight's tribute is a Mega-Post dedicated to Yuno Gasai from the Anime Future Diary aka Mirai Nikki.
This Lucky character is Ouji Kousaka. He makes the mistake of calling Yuno and her friends ugly leading to him getting kicked around a bit. More of him in the next post as well. ^_^
(Ok Tremendous Thank Yous to Both Match25 (The Legendary Master of Sole Shots) and His Divine Shadow for recommending the Anime Character and scenes used in this tribute. Included in this post are scenes from Future Diary Episode 3, 7 and the Mirai Nikki Redial OVA)

Warning: It's impossible to Cover Yuno thoroughly without delving into major spoilers for the Future Diary series. I've tried to keep it as cryptic as possible hiding the major plot twists with a spoiler link you can activate but you still may want to watch this anime first before you read this entry. ^_^; 

Future Diary is a Psychological Thriller/Drama anime that involves the main character, Yukiteru "Yuki" Amano, receiving a diary that can tell the future. While that seems like a cool ability to have, the diary comes with a caveat. Other people have been given future diaries as well and the diary owners are expected to fight and kill each other. The Last Diary Owner to survive the Death Match would become the New God of Time and Space. 

 Yuno Gasai is Yuki's classmate. She has a crush on him and does her best to protect him. She is a Future Diary owner as well possessing the Stalker diary which allows her to know what is happening to Yuki at any time. While it seems like she has his best interests at heart, she also seems to have her own agenda. 

Interesting Sidenote/Trivia: The Characters in Future Diary were inspired by the Roman Gods. For Example Yukiteru was inspired by Jupiter (The Roman Equivalent of the God Zeus) and Yuno was inspired by Juno (Who is the Roman Equivalent of the Goddess Hera).  

Having watched Future Diary all the way through, I can vouch that it's a really good series. It's very exciting and dramatic and once you start this anime... you'll be pretty much hooked until the end of it.

Ok that's all for tonight. Watch out for Yanderes everyone and as always more to come soon!


  1. Again thanks for the shoutout KSC. Ha ha. Yuno is one of those characters you can't help but love despite her... Tendencies... Though I don't think her personality is a spoiler as she's basically the postergirl for that Trope at this point. Ha ha. Maybe I should watch the Dub of Future Diary as an excuse to rewatch it. Like I actually have the time amidst my hundreds long anime backlog xD

    1. :-D The series was a great recommendation. ^_^ Lol it is hard not to fall for her. :-) Heh heh yeah... she's gained notoriety for that. Brina Palencia did a fantastic job voicing Yuno in the dub but I found myself enjoying the sub of the series more. There were just subtle characteristics of Yuno's personality that are just difficult to transfer over into an English translation. Wow Hundreds? Heh heh I think my own Anime Backlog has reached never successfully be able to complete in this lifetime levels. ^_^;

    2. Yeah, ha ha. Indeed, like I saaid. Postergirl ;-) As for sub/dub, I'm the same way with Akeno in Highshcool DxD Her Japanese VA just does her personality better. Not that the dub was bad... Oh but don't get me started on the Dragon Spirit in Issei's gauntlet... NOTHING beats the "BOOSTO!" xD Wow off topic...

      Yeah... When my GF asked how many and that she wanted to see said list I sent AT LEAST 7 screenshots, all names of the series are lined up, separated by commas and one space. To minimize the amount of space. For example: Series A, Series B, Series C. Compared to doing a list like:

      Series A
      Series B
      Series C

      I'm telling you this list is MASSIVE. Not possible in a lifetime unless I win the lottery and do nothing but watch anime every day for who knows how long... Let me pick an arbitrary number and say oh... 300... Assume EVERY series has 12 episodes, which they dont, some are longer, much longer even, i.e. Fairy Tail. Anyway say 300 series, times 12 episodes, roughly 6 hours if no food or bathroom breaks. So 6 hours times 300 series is... 1800 hours that's... 75 days if I watched one whole series a day. So... Doable but not realistic... Remember 300 is a guesstimate and 12 episodes is most of them but not all, can range from 13 - 26 - 52 - 200+ Annnd rant complete xD

    3. Yup. ^_^ Really have to watch Highschool DxD. Lol it sounds really funny.

      LOL That is super hardcore. Mine is a little over 100 for animes alone but when you throw in the cartoons, Live Action series, Videogames and Comics, Mangas, and Books I want to read. I know that it's really unlikely that I'll get to everything. ^_^;

    4. Ha ha. It is pretty hilarious most of the time. Haven't watched season 3 yet though.

      Ha ha... Yeah... Mine also includes manga and like a dozen rewatches. But videogames are a different beast entirely... Ha ha. Oh and my writing backlog... The Queen Bee stuff alone...

    5. :-D Seems really fun.

      ^_^ Always so much more to do than you have time for. ^_^;

  2. Oh wow I didn't know that she had so many in the show.Yuno is a lovely girl and she has lovely feet to.:-D

  3. Ahhh, Yuno. Everyone's favorite adorable yet psycho yandere.

    1. :-D Heh heh yup. That sums her up perfectly.

  4. I got a couple of suggestions, Nelliel Tu from Bleach, when she goes from her child to her adult form, she's barefoot through her whole fight, and the second is Amagami SS where there's a scene of a whole bunch of grils getting a foot massage

    1. Oh wow... Those are great suggestions BlackViper. :-) Will try to get those. ^_^