Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ranma 1/2: Shampoo

Ni Hao Everyone. ^_^ Tonight's post is a tribute to Shampoo. ^_^
Lucky Akane. :-D
Some Barefoot Figures of Her
Ryoga Lucks out quite a bit in this series. :-)
(Ok let's if I can list it all out. There's a wide range of Material for this one. :-D These are a combination of caps from... the Ranma OVA's 1 and 12, The Ranma anime episodes 15, 16, 17, 59, 61, and 154, the Ramma Movie Nihao My Concubine and some Webfinds involving the figurines. Some tremendous Thank yous to Starky and Juancho for helping me collect material for her and organize this post awhile back.)

Shampoo is a fun character. She's a Chinese Amazon warrior that Ranma met during his adventures while he was traveling to China. While visiting her village Ranma and his father accidentally ate her food and Ranma in his female form wound having to fight her in a battle. He beats her twice in both his female and male forms with Shampoo unaware that they were both the same person. This creates some complications because Shampoo views a female who beats her as a rival she must kill. At the same time she views a male who beats her as the person she is supposed to marry. When Ranma is in his male form she winds up being really affectionate towards him but if she sees him in his female form she attempts to end his life. Eventually she discovers that they are both the same person and abandons her desire to kill his female still viewing Ranma as the person she intends to marry Shampoo like Ranma is cursed. She feel into a pool of the drowned cat and whenever cold water hits her she takes on that appearance. This creates some problem betweeen her and her crush because Ranma is terrified of cats.

Shampoo is a skilled Martial artist and runs a Noodle shop with her Great Grandmother Cologne. As one of several women who has a crush on Ranma, she is often in Conflict with Ranma's fiances (yes he has more than one) Akane and  Ukyo which drives a lot of her storylines.

When watching the Ranma anime, I can tell you that Shampoo is type of character that always elicits a smile. She has some great comedic scenes and storylines. A lot of the plots where she attempts to win Ranma over are comedic gold. This character can be quite sneaky when she wants to be. ^_^ Just to give you hilarity of some of her story plots. One episode had her offering Ranma a cure for his condition if she goes on a date with her. She makes him jump through quite a few hoops on that date in order to get the cure from her. Eventually she gives it to him but it is revealed at the end of the episode that the cure only works once. ^_^ 

In terms of appearance... Shampoo is quite the hottie and there's quite a bit of fanservice in the series involving her. She also has a really cute accent too. Sexy, smart, and funny. She's the type of character that you gotta love. :-D

Ok everyone... that's all for now. As always more to come soon!


  1. Shampoo might be one of my favorite girls here, and I'm glad she has so much content!

    1. Yes. :-D Kudos to her artist and animators for giving her so many good scenes. :-D

    2. At this point, I wonder why she even wears shoes to begin with.

    3. :-D I'm just happy she takes them off quite often.

  2. I just love Shampoo one of favorite sexy girl :-D

  3. Thank you Thank you Thank you KSC. This is amazing, I love this XD. Shampoo is adorable, and I will have those Kikyo pics up sometime in the next few weeks, been swamped with work so I haven't had time to organize them

    1. :-D I'm glad that you liked this tribute Destiny Dueler. Really looking forward to your Kikyo post. ^_^