Saturday, September 10, 2016

Future Diary: Supporting Cast

While I was capping Yuno. I came across other characters who had barefoot scenes from the series.
Minene Uryuu
Minene is one of the Future Diary users that Yukiteru goes up against in the anime. Her specialty is Explosives and she uses all different types of them against her opponent (Dynamite, C4, Granades etc). As a terrorist she plans really carefully setting up her explosive traps well in advance. He planning is all the more effective because she possesses the "Escape Diary" a diary that allows her find out what she should do to if she is losing a fight allowing her to survive when the odds are against her. Minene's character was inspired by the Roman Goddess Minerva (Athena if you're more familiar with the Greek Parthenon) who is the Goddess of War and Wisdom.

There is a nice Glimpse of Minene's feet in Episode 7 where she is prepping her weapons. ^_^

Female Lifeguard

In one of the Fanservice scenes in the Future Diary series, Yuki and Yuno visit a Water park and Yuno's top comes off while swimming. They wind up having to ask a female lifeguard to retrieve it for them. We get a nice glimpse of the Cute lifeguard's feet as she brings it back. ^_^ It's episode 3 in case you guys want to track it down. ^_^

Rea Amano
Rea is Yuki's mother. In episode 7, One of the Diary Users trying to kill Yuki infiliates his household and Yuki's mom gets caught in the crossfire winding up getting knocked out and tied up in the backyard. We do get a nice glimpse of her bare feet in the process. ^_^

Ai Mikami
Ai is another Diary user. She is a special case because she shares a diary with her husband. Her Diary is known as the Exchange diary, The diary allows her and her husband to predict what is going to happen to one another and protect each other accordingly. As a fighter Ai is quite skilled with knives which she throws to attack her opponents. Ai is based on the Roman Goddess of Love Venus (Aphrodite if you go by the great name).

The Mirai Nikki Redial OVA  provides a lot of great foot scenes. We briefly get a glimpse of Ai's feet as she attempts to set up her friend with a guy that her friend is interested in. Unfortunately a case of mistaken identity leads Ai to bring the wrong person to meet her friend.

Mao Nanosaka
A classmate of Yuno and Yukiteru, Mao is friendly and energetic. She is an open lesbian and tends to be a little perverse about it taking an opportunity to grope her female classmates that she can. Her best friend is Hinata and she is very protective of her.

If you guys remember from the Yuno tribute. There was a scene where her classmate Ouji makes the mistake of calling her Ugly and winds up getting kicked around by her and having her footprint on her chest. He actually foolishly insulted 3 girls at the same time and as you can see Mao had a turn at kicking him around too. ^_^

Hinata Hino
(Once again Tremendous Thank yous to both Match25 (The Legendary Master of Sole Shots) and His Divine Shadow for introducing me to the series. ^_^)

Hinata is another classmate of Yukiteru and Yuno. She is a cheerful character but also pretty tough. Her father is a breeder and Hinata is good at training dogs. There is more to her story but it crosses over into spoiler territory. Interestingly enough Hinata character was inspired by the Roman God Apollo. ^_^

The third girl to kick Ouji around for running his mouth off in the Future Diary Redial OVA. Hinata is the one that dominates him with her feet the most as the caps above will attest. Once again I have to say that Ouji really lucked out quite a lot in this series. :-D

Ok guys. That's basically all for tonight. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and more to come soon. ^_^