Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ranma: Nabiki Tendo (Mega-Post)

Knocking off one of the Hit List items tonight with a tribute to Nabiki Tendo from Ranma 1/2. ^_^
(These are from Various Episodes of Ranma 1/2 including episode 1, episodes 154, OVA Episodes 12 + 6, the Tendo family annoying acquaintances special and the Ranma Movie Nihao My Concubine. Special Thank you to Ginga and Firefly for providing material for this tribute. :-D) 

Bonus: An AMV that fits Nabiki perfectly

Nabiki is one of 3 sisters in the Tendo family. She tends to be obsessed with money and as a result is often trying to find sneaky ways to earn cash sometimes resorting to unscrupulous methods to do so (such as blackmail and extortion). You would think that this would make her an annoying character but the anime actually does a great job making her pretty likeable. She's really intelligent knowing how to manipulate situations to her advantage and she's pretty witty often giving a dry and sarcastic response when some of the crazier characters in her anime do something wild.

Nabiki is one of my favorite characters in the show. She looks really attractive and her intelligence and wit are a winning combination. This character pretty much steals any scene she is in. :-)

I tried to get every scene involving Nabiki's feet that I know about on here. Hopefully these are all of them but if there are any scenes that I missed let me know and I'll try to cap them and add them in.

Ok everyone... That's all for tonight. As always... there's more to come. Until next time. ^_^


  1. It's really a tie for me between Nabiki and Ukyo. Ha ha. They're probably my two favorite girls in the series. There are things I like about both of them :-)

    1. Wow... That's the exact same taste as me. Those are my two favorites in this anime as well. ^_^

    2. Ha ha. We must have been separated at birth! xD Or we just have the same tastes. They are the two most likable girls IMO, for very different reasons lol

    3. Lol. :-D

      Yeah I completely agree... Those two were the best. Yeah you have to really admire Rumiko Takahashi for creating such a wide range of awesome characters... all with very distinct personalities. ^_^

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  3. Which episode is the one where she is dancing in the black swimsuit and orange top?

    1. It from an OVA short called the Tendo family annoying acquantances aka Tendō-ke no Oyobidenai Yatsura!