Monday, September 5, 2016

Wrestle Angels Survivor: Hitomi Fujishima

Ok completing the second wave of Wrestle Angle Survivor characters... here is a tribute to Hitomi Fujishima aka Honey Bee Fujishima. ^_^

(As with all of the tributes in this set, I have to give a Tremendous Thank You to Double A for finding and sending these girls in. ^_^)

Hitomi is known as the "Invincible Idol" in the ring. Like other characters in the game she comes from an Idol background and her fanbase has followed her to root for her in the sport. She seems to enjoy flaunting her Idol status wearing expensive clothing into the ring. Hitomi is a character that you have to develop in order to use effectively. She starts off with relatively weak stats but can be powered up to be one of the stronger characters. 

It's interesting to post Hitomi Fujishima and Miyuki Sanada back to back because they have a lot of similarities. Both of them debut in the first Wrestle Angels game of the series and both are absent from the second game.  In Hitomi's case she retires briefly to try her hand as a TV Idol but returns in the 3rd game. Hitomi like Miyuki has Kick move finishing attack as well. In Hitomi's case it is a flying kneel kick. Both characters are also brilliant but lazy fighters. In Hitomi's case she hates training so she doesn't work as hard as she should but she has a lot of potential if you can get her to focus.

Hitomi's appearance definitely looks really hot. Judging from her swimsuit images she has really nice legs. It must be a real treat to watch her in the game.

Ok everyone. That's it for now. As always... more exciting material to come. Until next time everybody. 



  1. In a Mighty Magiswords short Pool Fools the main female character Vambre is barefoot

  2. O_O Will try to get it. Thanks very much for this tip GumballW. ^_^