Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde (Bonus)

While I'm in the process of tracking down more barefoot pictures for my Black Cat bonus, I decided to post some pictures of Shadowcat in the meantime. Thanks to her appearance in the series X-men evolution, Kitty has her fair share of barefoot/sandal pictures available. I decided to split the cartoon and the comic book pictures for her into separate bonuses so consider this Shadowcat part one:

(The only artist I could identify in these set of pictures was Alex Miranda who did the 3rd shot which also features a guest star. ^_^)

Well that's 3 marvel girls down and 7 to go. Stay tuned for more of throughout the month.

In addition to updating here, I added a few new chapters for Psylocke and Supergirl to my comic book interactive:

Those chapters will probably be my last for a few days as I take a break to add finishing touches on my Soulcalibur story.

Ok...that all for this entry. Enjoy the pictures everyone!!!

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