Thursday, June 12, 2008

Psylocke (Bonus)

Psylocke becomes the 2nd poll member to take the spotlight. Enjoy!!!

(As much as I would like to credit the professional comic book artist behind these webfinds (particularly in the 3rd shot ^_^), I don't know their names.)

Psylocke is perhaps the most well-known female X-men member not to make the main cast of any of the cartoons or movies. Her popularity and overall sexiness did earn her a couple of guest appearances though. What clinched Psylocke's spot in this poll was a combination of Betsy's awesome choice of footwear and martial arts training. I love her purple knee high boots and her martial arts background has lead to some great artwork poses (Damn she's flexible!!).

Ok, two down and eight to go. Right now, I juggling between stories once again. In addition to working on my Soulcalibur story (which will definitely be updated this week or next), I'm working on the conclusion of the Black Cat/Catwoman de-booting match. (Look to see that up very soon). I'm also trying to release at least one comic book interactive addition a day focusing primarily on Jean Grey but tossing in a Huntress and Supergirl chapter every once and a while. Tommorow I'll post exactly what I've completed and what I'm still working on.

Anyway, thanks for checking in and as usual...more to come soon!!!



  1. The famous KingSideCastle strikes again with his amazing ability to make people react in awe using his trust "BLOG". I'm just playing around, man. But seriously, Psylocke is one sexy mamma, and your pictures confirmed the fact that she is. Super, man. *laughs* Joking aside, keep on posting.

    Daniel Wickie

  2. ^_^ Thanks DW. I'm glad you liked Psylocke...she's definitely very very sexy.