Friday, June 20, 2008

Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde Bonus 2

As promised here is the second half of my Shadowcat bonus...Enjoy!!

(These pictures, some of which are webfinds (1,15 & 18), show Kitty in her X-men evolution form. I capped most of these myself from the 2nd episode in the series: Impulse)

Those that watched X-men: Evolution probably know that the series is a gold mine for sandaled/barefoot pictures of Ms. Pryde who only ocasionally dons the boots that go with her costume. (Jean Grey and Rogue have a few barefoot/sandaled appearances in the series as well but that's a story for another entry.) As luck would have it most of the time Kitty is seen in her casual clothing which fortunately includes sandals. Though there were a lot of good scenes involving her, I chose to post her best barefoot scene from her debut appearance in impulse where a nightmare triggers her powers. Another good scene that I wanted to post for her but couldn't find was a brief swimsuit scene involving her and another popular X-girl in the episode Joyride. I know I probably went a little overboard with this bonus posting 18 pictures at once but Kitty is such a hot character that I couldn't resist. ^_^

Ok moving on...


This week my main goal was to release a new section for my Soulcalibur story. To make sure the chapter came out, I even set aside my other writing projects so I could spend a few days working on this story alone. It didn't quite work out the way I wanted and as of yet the chapter is incomplete but it will be up soon. Definitely by next week *crosses fingers*.

Luckily the week was a total waste and I did manage to release a few new chapters right before taking a break involving Psylocke and Supergirl and pushing my Comic Book interactive over the 100 chapter mark. ^_^

I also added an Ino and Sakura chapter to the Anime Smelliest Feet Battle interactive continuing Melroser's and Crytosporidium's amazing volley.

StreetFighterDash once again manages to grab a spotlight for not only reaching 500 chapters with his tickling interactive but also releasing a great series of chapters involving Cammy and Chun Li here:
Very nicely done man!!

Next week:

Well my plans for next week are pretty much the same as for this week. Obviously I'll be working heavily on my Soulcalibur story to make up for this week's failure but I don't think it will take me the entire week. Also keep an eye out for new comic book, de-booting league and other stories additions.

Ok...I'm going to have to end my entry here. Gotta go make it up to Tira for not releasing her chapter by giving her a foot massage. *Sigh* working for villainesses is hard work!!

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