Friday, June 27, 2008

Rogue Bonus Part 2

If you’re wondering why this says Rogue Bonus part 2 in the title, scroll down to my previous entry. Rogue is so cool that I posted back to back bonuses for her. Enjoy!!!

(The first and last pictures are webfinds but I capped the rest of the pictures myself from the X-men Evolution Episode: Shadowed Past.)
Unlike Shadowcat or Jean Grey, Rogue doesn't go barefoot that often in the series. I guess Rogue doesn't want to take any chances of skin to skin contact so she usually covers her feet in boots. :P Luckily this episode provided us with a rare glimpse of Rogue's feet. It might be a little difficult to see from those caps (sorry about the poor quality btw) but Rogue is actually wearing a toering. When I first noticed that, I did a double take. That's a very nice touch by the animators.
Since I already discussed Rogue quite a bit in my previous entry, I think I can move on...
It took me all of last week and most of this one, but I finally got the next part of my Soulcalibur story up. ^_^ You can check it out here:
I know...considering how long I've been working on it, this chapter was pretty brief but it's a lead into something exciting.
Just before the end of the week I also added a short chapter starring Psylocke to my Comic book interactive
Also there is a sensational (heh heh pun) chapter starring She Hulk posted by the author Jayjay earlier in the week. This author manages to top himself with every new chapter he releases so I definitely recommend checking that storyline out.
This week the spotlight once again goes to two of my favorite authors. The first is Melroser76 for a great chapter he wrote involving Ino and Sakura's feet for his smelliest feet interactive here:
and the second is SFD for a great series of chapters involving the sexy succubus Morrigan he wrote for his tickling interactive here:
Next week:
It's definitely going to be a busy week for me as I catch up on the backlog of chapters I've accumulated while working on my Soulcalibur story. First of all I'm planning to release a new Helena/Huntress chapter that I've been working on throughout the day. (I was actually hoping to post it tonight but it's not finished yet. It should be up tommorow morning.) This one is going to be good. Once that's up, I'll going to spend the rest of the week fulfilling various request chapter that I haven't managed to get to yet. At the top of my list is the continuation of my Wonder Woman story and a new de-booting match. Not only that but the end of the month is coming up so I'll be posting a new poll soon. I also still have my tributes to She Hulk and Mary Jane Watson to post as well. much to little time.
Anyway thanks for checking in everyone and as usual...more to come soon!!!!!


  1. Oh yeah, I noticed the toering too. I won't forget about her in my story, let me tell you. Keep on blogging, man.

    Daniel Wickie

  2. Thanks DW. Toerings are definitely sexy and I'm glad Rogue made an impression on you.