Monday, June 23, 2008


Get ready for Thunder and Lightning as Ororo finally receives her well deserved tribute!!!

(In addition to a few unknowns, this set of webfinds has quite the collection of great comic book artists including Boris Vallejo (Pic 10), Mike Mayhew (3), Greg Horn (11), & Michael Turner (9))

Storm is such a popular X-girl that she has shown up in almost every mainstream appearance the X-men have had. The downside is that no matter what series/movie she appears in, (as far as I know) her feet are always covered either by boots or on rare occasions pumps. Fortunately she has enough barefoot comic book appearances to make up for that. In fact the reason why it took me so long to get this bonus up was that I had a difficult time deciding which of the many barefoot pictures out there for her I should use.

Wow...July is just creeping up on me, Marvel girls month is coming to a close and I still have six poll members to do tributes for. That means I'll probably be posting bonuses pretty often so that I can get to each of them before the month is up.

Ok...that's it for now...stay tuned for more soon!!



  1. Storm is, without a doubt, one of the sexiest comic book women I've ever heard about. True, we never really see her go barefoot in any animated series, but you're right about the comic pictures. Yessir, these areanothe good set. Keep on blogging.

    Daniel Wickie

  2. This post brings back memories. Of the Marvel girls the Storm bonus took the longest to get together because I had to dig a bit to find some barefoot photos at first and once they popped up I began having more barefoot pictures of her than I knew what to do with.

    Ironically, I found an episode of Storm going barefoot in X-men Evolution after Marvel girls'month was over. Maybe one day I'll post that here too. Thanks again DW.

  3. Anytime, KSC. And since it took you a while to find them, I guess that makes these pics even better. I do hope to see that screen cap one day. Keep on blogging.