Friday, June 6, 2008

Marvel Girls Week: Elektra Bonus 2

Well I finally finished making it up to all the girls that I neglected with my poll. However, I still have some residual Elektra pics left to show you. I told you there were a surprisingly large number of barefoot pictures involving the sexy assassin. Enjoy!!

(These are webfinds featuring the the artwork of Greg Horn, Mike Deodato Jr. and a few unknown artists)

This second round of Elektra pictures are probably the best set of pictures I have for any of the marvel girls and they bring Marvel Girls Week to its climax. With this...I'm finally done posting tributes to the Marvel babes I overlooked, but I'm not done with the marvel women just yet. Now it's time for me to tackle the top 10 ladies who made the poll. Next week I'll be returning to semi-weekly updates so these gorgeous women will be spaced out through the month...however, the first of these will by posted tommorow (Saturday Night/Early Sunday Morning) bringing Marvel Girls week to an exciting close.

Ok moving on...


This week was pretty productive. I was able to update my blog almost every day (see my other entries below for a series of bonuses involving neglected Marvel comic book women) and I managed to add chapters to four different interactives.

The story I probably worked on the most was my Comic book Interactive adding a couple of chapters to Jean Grey, Psylocke and the Huntress as well as introducing a couple of sexy new marvel girls into the story. Anyone that wants to can read that story here:
Just a quick note about the Jean Grey chapters. I wanted to do a lighthearted story so Jean might come off as a little more playful than she normally is depicted. (She's still just as sweet though). When I was working on a draft of this story thread I had a version of Jean that was closer to her character but I felt the story was a lot darker/depressing than I wanted. Once my first set of chapters involving Jean are done. I might post that alternate version of the story as a director's cut. As for Helena, in my most recent chapter, her footslave gets forced to assist her with her workout. You'll have to see for yourselves what she has in store for him.

Another series of chapters that I was working on were a new wave of de-booting matches with author SFD for his Fantasy De-booting League interactive here:

The two matches we added to were a battle between two April O'Neils and a Cat Fight between Black Cat and Catwoman.

I also did a series of DBZ shrink Interactive additions which I already discussed in a previous entry(see my white Queen bonus)

The last addition was a brief chapter I did involving Ino and Sakura torturing Ten Ten for the Anime/Videogame Smelliest Feet Battle Interactive here:


I'll keep the spotlights short. There's a new Smallville Shrinking story by Psychopathlover involving a shrunken Clark Kent and Kara is one of the Giantesses nuff said.

Next Week:

Basically I'm planning some more additions for my comic book interactive and I'm hoping to complete a couple of more de-booting matches with SFD. Also some updates to my full length stories are way overdue. I'm probably over-reaching but I'm hoping to tackle all of these.

Ok have a nice weekend everyone and as usual more to come soon.

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