Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Villainess Takeover: Nimueh (Bonus)

I was watching the Merlin season finale this weekend so I had this hot enchantress fresh in my head and couldn't resist doing a tribute to this sexy bad girl.

(This combination of pictures of Nimueh and her actress Michelle Ryan are webfinds I collected from around the net.)

Don't let her cute looks deceive you...Nimueh manages to cause the title character quite a bit of trouble in his series. Not only is she a powerful spellcaster but this girl is a master manipulator managing to metally outmaneuver her rivals several times. Beauty, brains, and magic are a dangerous combination. Should you come across this beautiful villainess, you might as well get down on your knees and assume your place at her feet cause chances are...she'll find a way to put you there anyway. ^_^;

Anyway...have a great day everyone and more villainess action to come soon!!


  1. Gotta love those evil spell casters ^_^

  2. Dear friend, I loved so much your post about Dragon Quest's interrogation. It's so good that there are blogs like yours. I would like to ask you if you can of course... Could you make a manga about Dragon Quest tickles based on the original and post it here for all of us? it could start with the heroe tickling the bad girl and then other adventures as well, I dont know, its an idea but I think it would be loved for all anime fans ^_^
    I hope you do it because I am a big fan of this great blog.
    See you

  3. One thing is for certain, she certainly has the Gothic villainess look down, even when she's not in character. lol

    Great job on tracking down more images of the actress as well!

  4. This is not exactly a villainess, but the subject of live-action season finales reminded me of this: :D

    It's from the episode "A Friend In Need" of Xena: Warrior Princess. These videos contain, well, footage from the episode ^_^

    *nose bleeds*

  5. Merlin? Can't say I've heard of that show, KSC. Is it worth watching?

  6. Thanks everyone.

    A manga series is a little hard to do at the moment Jimmy (don't quite have the drawing skills for it)but it's an interesting idea.

    It's true Ayane Matrix. She looks even more gothic in one of the images I decided to cut out where she was wearing a black dress and eyeshadow.
    Goth Michelle Ryan. I might as well add it back in now. ^_^ Thanks very much for the comment.

  7. O_O Wow Juancho...I used to watch Xena a lot but I never got the chance to see the final episode. That's a really awesome barefoot scene of her. Yeah nose bleed says it all. :-D Thank you so much for it.

  8. Merlin is a British show that they only recently aired in the U.S. Kyle. I don't know if you would like it but I think it is a moderately ok show. (Not spectacular but it isn't bad either). The series depicts a younger version of Merlin in a similar way that "Smallville" depicts Superman. Make of that what you will. ;-)