Saturday, August 1, 2009

Poll of the Month 15 Results:

Ok...the 15th poll of the month has finally come to a close. After a staggering 1649 votes, here are the results...

O_O It looks like Gwen managed to cast a spell on the voters totally dominating this competition and proving that her feet are the ones that most people would like to be a foot pet to with a record 754 votes. (She'll have a tribute really soon) Coming in second place and no doubt looking for someone to take it out on was everyone's favorite barefoot witch Medusa (with 170 votes) and moving in to claim 3rd place was the lovely magician Zatanna (with 157 votes). No need to feel bad for the rest of these girls...they all managed to prove they have loyal foot pets of their own and nobody scored less than 30 votes. ^_^

I just want to give a huge thank you to everyone for voting and sharing their opinions. I'll definitely keep these in mind for future writing and bonuses. (Maybe I'll try my hand at writing a couple of chapters for Gwen ^_^). I'll also make a note of the runners up as well an don't be surprised if a few of them force their way into this blog in the near future too. ;-)

Ok...I guess I'd better get working on a new poll of the month and tribute for Gwen before her mob of fans decide to riot. ^_^; Both of those should be posted later tonight. ^_^

Have a great day everyone and as usual...more to come soon!!


  1. Wow I knew Gwen had a shot of winning but I definitely didn't expect her to totally overwhelm everyone else. O_O Looks like she has a lot of fans. which magic girl was my favorite? That would have to be Maria Renard. Symphony of the Night is one of my favorite games and I had many fantasies involving Maria's feet in my childhood. I guess that's why I added her eventhough I know she had no shot of winning this one. She's really a great character.

    Anyway great voting everybody.

  2. I would have thought Medusa would have won personally......

    This somewhat reminds me of the Azula poll.....

    Anyways, can't wait for the pics

    I think a certain someone is going to be rather happy with the results ;)

  3. I initially thought Wuya might win this one based on a lot of requests for her. ^_^

    Oh yeah that was another landslide victory.Interestingly enough Azula was a July poll too.

  4. so many lovely spell casters, maybe a bonus should be made for them later.

  5. No surprise here.

    But you know, as soon as I saw the poll I thought "where's Raven from he Teen Titans series?" She would've definitely given Gwen a run for her money.

  6. i think its because she never gives a close up of her bare feet (curse those artists). the only time she lost a shoe they didnt even focus on her soft sole, mmm how her skin color would look nice on her feet. They needed to make a beach ep to that, think of it all three of the goth spell casters barefoot

  7. Oh yeah I like Raven too. Goth girls totally rock. ^_^ I can't believe I forgot about her. Maybe in a future poll. :-)

    Yeah they definitely should have done a beach arc. I didn't get the chance to watch enough of the series...I know Jinx is the other goth but who is the third? She lost a shoe in an episode?...that sounds pretty hot.

  8. Argent is the third goth Titan

  9. for the next one, Anna of Shaman King all the way. mmm i do love how those sandals exposed so much of her feet

  10. O_O I just googled Argent...she looks very nice. ^_^ Goth girls are great!!

  11. from start to finish Gwen had this in the bag