Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Villainess Takeover: Blood+ Diva (Bonus)

Ok the next villainess to "grace us with her presence" is the hot vampire Diva from the anime Blood+.

(These are a combination of Diva webfinds (including a few guest appearances by her twin) as well as one of Match's (yup the legendary Mastero f Sole Shots himself) massive collection . Thanks once again man!!)

Diva brings new meaning to the word evil twin. As the Blood+ heroine Saya's main antagonist in the anime, she manages to do all sorts of nasty things to her counterpart. This girl really knows how to mentally and physically torture someone. If you happen to see her walking across the street, I recommend immediately heading in the other direction.

Sure this vampire's got a massive amount of powers including superhuman strength, speed, and the ability to turn anyone into her bloodsucking slave. Of course for us foot fetishists this villainess' most dangerous power lies in her bare feet. All it would take is seeing the slightest wiggle of her pretty toes and we would wind up her toe sucking slave for life. Not that it is necessarily a bad thing mind you. ;-)

I actually saw the live action Blood+ movie right before Match introduced me to this villainess. It looks like the anime has a lot more depth to it. ^_^

Ok pleasant dreams everyone and more villainess action to come soon!!


  1. true, being her foot sucker would be a very nice thing. that alone would make any one her be her personal servant. The enhance strength and longevity is only a bonus compared to that lol

  2. Bloodsucker, meet toesuckers... hehehe. Great post!

  3. Now shes one hot sexy vampire whose feet I would totally worship!

    -To KSC
    Were you able to cap the Birdy The Mighty OVA? I almost forgot to mention there's a perfect villian in there who has barefoot scenes!

  4. Nice post KSC, I love vampire chicks (especially barefoot ones;) )

  5. Thanks Everyone. It would definitely be really great to at this hot Vampire's feet. ^_^

    @Iceninja9276 I still working on capping the Birdy The Mighty OVA. (Been falling a little behind on my capping lately. ^_^;) O_O a barefoot villainess is involved. :-) I'll try to post her with this set. :-D Thank very much for the tip.

  6. Well, as much as I want to be sucking on her toes, I'd honestly have to turn my gaze toward Aya, her twin. Maybe it's just the short hair, amnesia, or her personality but she's still cuter than her sister. lol

    That and she's still a vampire, so spending an eternity with her and her feet wouldn't be so bad to begin with. lol

  7. no prob ^^ Just wanna help out a bit!

  8. Oh yeah Ayane Matrix spending an eternity at Aya's feet would be awesome.

    Definitely really appreciate it Iceninja. I'll try to cap that series soon. ^_^

  9. one of the best villainesses so far but i like her twin Saya a lot better, mainly cuz shes not a psycho

  10. It's true...of the two vampire twins...Saya's feet are probably the least risky of the two to worship.