Thursday, August 13, 2009

Maxima's Attendants (Extra)

Psst...don't tell Maxima this but while I was on Almerac...I managed to nap a couple of caps of her attendants too.

(More from the Superman: TAS episode "Warrior Queen)

I'm sure that having to put up with Maxima's demands all day, her servant's feet could probably use some loving attention as well. :-D These girls look so cute I'd love to spend a couple of hours tickling their soles making them laugh, smile and wiggle their toes for fun. ^_^

Ok...if this winds up being my last entry, Maxima probably found out about this and decided to punish me for not forcusing on her feet the entire time I visited her homeworld. ^_^; However provided we can keep this entry under wraps, more villainess action to come soon!!

Up Up and Away!!


  1. nice closeups in the third from the top and i really like the one 5th from the bottom

  2. mmm if i was an evil villain this is exactly how i would want my attendants to dress

  3. the only difference would be i would be offering the foot massages hehehe

  4. I love their clothing and their lack of footware of course ;)