Sunday, August 23, 2009

Villainess Takeover: Ultimecia

This weekend I found myself trapped in a Barnes and Nobles waiting out a thunderstorm. During that time I browsed some of gaming magazines and my jaw dropped seeing a barefoot picture of the main Final Fantasy VIII villainess Ultimecia who is appearing in a new game. Woo Hoo!!

She might need a pedicure but even in hybrid mode she looks really hot. O_O

(Various webfinds ^_^ The picture that inspired the bonus was the top one.)

The game in question is Final Fantasy Dissidia for PSP; a brand new fighter involving several popular Final Fantasy characters including Squall, Zidane, Ultimecia, Jecht, Kuja and Tidus. Needless to say I'm really psyched about this one coming out and not just for the chance to see more Final Fantasy girls feet.

It's awfully coincidental that both this game and barefoot pics of Ultimecia surfaced around the time of the villainess bonus. Maybe Ultimecia was so determined to have a tribute to her feet so she pulled a couple of strings.

Anyway, why would you want to be at Ultimecia's feet ? Well...first of all she's really hot and being a bad girl you know this villainess will enjoy the power rush of having someone at her feet. If you're going to be a villainess' footslave it might as well be a strong one and Ultimecia is one powerful femme fatale. Also being a evil sorceress, you can imagine the cruel games this spellcaster can play with you. She could shrink you down and drop you into her footwear so she can torture underneath her feet all day. She can also use her magic to transform you and force you to spend an enternity as women's footwear. Just imagine her playing a cruel joke on you forcing you to spend your life smelling Rinoa's feet as one of her boots while the FF8 heroine doesn't even know you're there. She could even use her magic powers to brainwash people into falling in love with her feet just to get a a few footslaves to humiliate. (Who knows? Maybe she's done that already and that's the reason you reading this. O_O)

Ok...while you guys ponder whether you're visiting this blog of your own free will or underneath an evil sorceress' spell, I'm going to fulfill my uncontrollable urge to shower Ultimecia's feet with kisses. ^_^; Provided I can pull myself away from worshiping Ultimecia's feet later on...more villainess action to come soon!!


  1. i finally found a reason to play this game

  2. KSC you must know there is one thing that all these lovely villainesses already know, and it's that they dont need a spell to brainwash us into worshiping their feet, we will do that in a heart beat on our own free will alone

  3. Match is right KSC, we don't need to be forced to worship the villainesses feet,we will do it with out question

  4. Well...the funny thing is that I actually asked Ultimecia whether she had brainwashed me while I was kissing her feet. She proceeded to laugh so hard that she accidentally kicked me in the mouth before pretty much saying the same thing Match said. :-)

  5. O_O I didn't know about the character Cloud of Darkness Sole Keeper. I just googled her and she's massively hot. Definitely yet another reason to keep an eye out for this game in the future. :-)

  6. I actually thought the girl in the last picture was Ultimecia in different clothing. Lol

  7. so many lovely barefoot villainesses, got to love it

  8. awesome work =D

    something really creepy about it tho cuz just before i came to check up on the site i was on google looking her up cuz i was curious as to what she looked like seeing as i have yet to get to the end of FF8 (my FAVORITE FF game) then i come here and see this lol win you can guess that the first thing i noticed while looking her up was that she didnt have shoes on of any sort lol
    great work KSC

  9. If she's barefoot all of the time,I guess that means she's disqualified as an FDL(fantasy debooting league)Superstar.

    Had I known she went barefoot,I would have never included her in the FDL.

    Thanks for the heads up,KSC.

  10. Thanks Lawliet. Ultimecia seems to knack for appearing at just the right time lately. ^_^

    No problem SFD. I had no idea she was barefoot either. :-)

  11. It would be silly of me to not say anything, but I figured that she was barefoot in the game. The only problem is that being suck an old game, you couldn't really tell if she was wearing boots or heels. Sadly, her character model doesn't look any better in the PC version, only that the textures a cleaner and you can force anti-aliasing to smooth everything out. Meh...

    Anyway, as far as villains go, she is certainly crazy hot. She's not as hot as the immortal summoner Yunalesca (not Yuna, but her namesake who happens to be one hell of a twisted villain) from Final Fantasy X, but she certainly wins in the evil looks department. Plus, I'm not all too sure what the hoopla is about with Ultimecia and Cloud of Darkness not having sexy feet! In the artworks for both characters, their looks work and being barefoot and with long nails doesn't hurt or change my opinion of them. Yet, I can't speak for everyone.

    Lastly, anyone else noticed that a lot of Square's villainess characters tend to be barefoot and revealing a lot of leg? If not fully barefoot, sometimes in open toed heels. lol! Sounds almost as if several of the directors or members of the art team have a foot and evil goddess fetish. ;)

  12. TOTALLY forgot about posting this before, but I found a fairly well done cosplay of Ultimecia that many of us will enjoy!

  13. It's hard to believe that when FF8 first came out I was very impressed with how the in game graphics looked. Looking back on some of those scenes now... they look really dated. It's still one of my favorite games though. ^_^

    Oh yeah Yunalesca is another good villainess. :-) I can only hope that there's someone with such a fetish involved in Square's development team and that they'll continue to give us more scenes like that in the future. :-D

    That barefoot cosplay picture of Ultimecia was very hot. Awesome find Ayane Matrix. Thanks very much for it.