Monday, August 24, 2009

Villainess Takeover: Cloud of Darkness

As if one attractive villainess wasn't hot enough for Final Fantasy Dissidia, they had to go and add another one. *Shakes heads* To top it off this one appears barefoot too. Ok...because tributing one hot villainess and ignoring another from the same game is is a tribute to Final Fantasy's Sexier Cloud. ;-)

(More webfinds. I actually didn't know about this villainess until yesterday. Special thanks to the Sole Keeper for introducing me to her.)

This villainess' first appearance was way back in Final Fantasy III (way before I started playing the series) so she really deserves a massive amount of respect as one of the classic bad girls of Final Fantasy. As one of those villains that seeks total destruction, this bad girl distains all human life and takes perverse pleasure in seeing humanity suffer. Should you find yourself in the dangerous position of being at this villainess' mercy. Just pray that throwing yourself at her feet to massage and worship them will amuse her enough to keep you alive just a little bit longer. ^_^

On a sidenote...the U.S. release date for Final Fantasy Dissidia is supposed to be today. I think I'll have to pay my local videogame store a visit. ^_^

Ok...that's basically it for now but more villainess action to come soon


  1. You people really like looking at freakass feet like sylvanas and ultimecia and her? ugh

  2. Well bear in mind everyone is different but to answer you...yes I like looking at there feet very much...these girls are hot. ^_^

  3. How rude. seriously, those are some sexy looking feet, don't see what your problem is.

  4. Hell, the ingame model may not look all that great, but the official artwork is stellar! If she didn't kill me on the stop, I'd kneel down before her and give her a foot rub, with the possibility of something more ;)

    And, for those that care, I found some cosplay of Cloud of Darkness along with Ultimecia on DA:

    and for more Ultimecia, which I forgot to post in my previous post on the subject,


  5. with so many barefoot villainesses in one game i should start playing it

  6. Thanks guys.

    I really love those cosplay pictures Ayane Matrix. Thanks very much for them. ^_^