Sunday, August 2, 2009

xxxHolic (Mega-Bonus)

This month Anime feet will be taking the ultimate journey through time and space searching for an extremely hot group of women across the anime, videogame, television, movie and comic book world. To help us reach our various destinations Match and I recruited the dimensional witch Yūko Ichihara to teleport us where we need to go. However, her services are never free and she demanded a tribute to her feet as well and not just any tribute...she wanted a mega one!!! *Shrugs* I guess we have no choice...enjoy guys!!!

(Any tribute involving Match is always spectacular but this time he really outdid himself capping not only every foot scene in the entire xxxHolic series but tracking down the movie and the OAV and then capping those as well. I guess this is why he's the Legendary Master of Sole Shots)

In the series the main character winds up having to be this hot witch's part time employee and servant. Why do I get the feeling that he really lucked out with this? ^_^

I haven't gotten the chance to watch this series yet (chalk up another mark to Castle's must remember to watch this one later list which now spans over 50 animes and movies) but judging from the wikepedia article, she seems like a cool, sexy and fun character to be around. She's also really hot as well in an exotic type of way. ^_^ I love her really long legs. Mmm how nice it would be to spend an entire day just massaging her soft legs and feet. Another great thing about Yūko is that as a powerful spell caster she has the ability to make anyone's wish come true. I think for a lot of us she wouldn't even need magic to do that. ^_^

Ok everyone...Take a deep breath and hold onto your seat...the ultimate bonus series of the year is coming up next. :-D


  1. 0_0

    Wow....I gotta check this anime out with a cutie like that ^_^ Especially her legs, perfect to put me into a headscissor ^_^

    Anyways, I can't wait to see the next bonus.

  2. oh yes, its clear that we are all jealous of her part time employee as we would be more than willing to be servants to her just to massage those lovely soft soles of hers

  3. To be honest, I prefer reading the manga of xxxHolic. It doesn't screw with the plot, you know?

  4. well technically it cant screw up the plot since it is the original plot lol. But you must love this part of the anime version right Wickie?

  5. In the anime, some of the dialogue was sort of pretentious and a little slow, but apart from the impression of "talking heads", I thought the anime version was okay.

  6. And if you were talking about her feet Match, then yes, I certainly wouldn't mind testing to see if they were ticklish. :D

  7. It's true Breakthewalls...her long legs like they were perfect for Scissor holds. :-D

    Yeah guys I'd love to massage her feet, worship her feet, tickle her feet and give her a pedicures whenever she needs them. ^_^

  8. You just used feet four times in the same sentence, man. :p

  9. Heh heh small potatoes. I'd be very suprised if that record hasn't already been broken elsewhere in the blog. :-D

  10. Hey KSC! Xxxholic is a pretty cool series, and not just because hottie Yuko is almost always barefoot. I do find the style a bit too stylized, but you can't argue with so much Yuko goodness. ^_^

    As for posting on my blog, I set the comments for Members Only- I can't see why you aren't able to post since you're a Member, afaik. I'll unlock the commenting... if you have any further problems, please let me know.

    Anyway, I locked the comments to Members Only due to that Shiva9X jerk who kept posting crap, but I'll just delete his idiocy on sight. Later!

  11. Thanks Sole Keeper. ^_^ I guess I really need to check this series out.

    As for commenting. Yeah its working again which is really great. I'm happy to be able to weigh in on how awesome Asuka's schoolgirl outfit and barefoot customization looks. ^_^

  12. Yuko is really hot. The manga covers tend to feature some nice foot shots of her too.

    I thought I'd add links to these three shots of Himawari Kunogi, the other female main character, who is almost never barefoot. (Thank God for official magazine scans.)

  13. Wow really hot pictures Adam. Thanks very much for them. I'll post them right away. ^_^

  14. super sexy but super scary. loved the swimsuit cap and the bath tub pics

  15. Oh yeah I like those scenes too. I also really love the set where she is wearing the cat ears. ^_^