Friday, August 28, 2009

Villainess Takeover: Left Foot

All right cue the music because the next bad girl to show off her fancy footwork is the dancing queen Left foot.

(Sorry about the quality of these caps. ^_^; They're from the Team Galaxy Episode "Dance Dance Elimination." A huge thanks to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for finding this awesome character.)

If ever there was a villainess that catered to the foot fetish would be this girl. Not only does her name make you think of feet, her footwear is packed with weaponry and she attacks by stomping and kicking her opponent. To top it off in her debut episode, her shoes gets glued to the floor and she finishes off the fight in her bare feet. O_O

One of the draws of this bad girl for me is that she loves videogames. An ultra rare Female gamer woo hoo!! The downside of that is that she's a pretty sore loser and has been known to turn the people who wind up beating her in a vs. match into her slaves. Wait... now that I think about it, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Anyway, more villainess action to come soon!!

I'm working on a mega-bonus set as you're reading this. ;-)


  1. Noticed something interesting while I was staring at the pictures. Eventhough, this Villainess' name is Left foot, she seems to always use her right foot to attack. ^_^

  2. Damn; You don't mess with aliens. The hole in the wall definitely shows.

  3. but after her dance workout one knows that both of her lovely feet need a lot of tender love and care.

    PS can anyone find better quality pics, it just seems to be a shame to barely see such lovely feet

  4. Bet we would all love to take care of her feet after just such a workout. :-)

    I'd also love to see that POV kick in better quality too.

    I was also just thinking how much I would really love to be in Yoko's position in the 26th picture down. :-D

  5. mmm i would love to be in Yoko's position too right there. Though it is a bit of a downer that Yoko herself never went barefoot

  6. I might be insane to say this, but I think I would love to be kicked around by her ^_^

  7. if you are than this place is an Insane Asylum, because we all would

  8. it does make one curious, i wonder how soft purple alien soles are

  9. It's true. It might seem crazy but I'd definitely love to be kicked by her as well BTW. :-)

    I imagine that feeling her exotic soles rub against my face would be out of this world good Match. I wonder if her feet are grape flavored.