Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Villainess Takeover: Wuya (Bonus)

Ok...its time to reveal the top secret project that Match and I have been working on for the past few months...a series of tributes involving Villainess feet . Yup for rest of this month...Villainesses have completely taking over the blog and they have no intention of leaving until their feet get the attention they so rightfully deserve. :-D To kick things off (and I mean that literally) here is a tribute to the sexy witch Wuya.

(Ok...A lot of credits for this one. These are from various episodes of Xiaolin Showdown but probably the most popular part of this one is from the episode "Omi Town". Massive Thanks go to Breakthewalls, Torborg, Mhar and Match25 (The Legendary Master of Sole Shots) for recommending material, supporting and capping this Heylin Witch. You guys are awesome)

One of the really nice things of about this hot villainess is that she's barefoot almost all the time. I'm willing to bet that as a spellcaster she probably knows the power her feet has over us and is giving us a view of her gorgeous tan feet just to torture and tease us with them. I think a lot of us would really love to be this witch's slave just for the chance to be dominated by and forced to worship her feet. She might even use her magic and her martial arts skills to "play" with us.

Just judging from these pictures, it looks like a lot of characters in the series really luck out getting to feel her soles press against them or getting treating to a closeup view. ^_^

Ok everyone...this is just the beginning. More villainess action is coming up soon!


  1. i swear when this bonus is done with villainesses will finally have done what they have been trying to do since the beginning of time. Rule the World!!! Because i know i will be a devoted servant

  2. May I make a reccomendation?

    If its not already been done in your blog, how abut the Hair Demon, Yura from the early first season episodes of inuyasha? She was really cute and had pretty feet, and she was so graceful walking those strands of hair.

  3. Me too Match. ^_^ Yeah taking over this website is probably their most diabolical scheme yet. :-D

    Thank Rexy640421. Yura has actually already been posted.

  4. Great Post... and theme.

    Ah, so this is why we were advised not to vote on Medusa in the last poll! Makes sense.

  5. Barefoot Villainesses RULE! Awesome start to what is sure to be a series to remember. And man, Wuya is one hot vixen.

  6. Interesting theme, taking over the blog....not that you gave much resistance mind you ;)

    also, the Wuya pics are fantastic, as always

  7. seriously BTW, would anyone at this form put up any resistance. If we are true to female feet we acted like a welcome mat lol

  8. Thanks guys. ^_^

    Yeah its true...when hot barefoot villainesses tell you to give their feet some attention...its really impossible to even think of saying no. ^_^;

  9. its pretty impossible to say anything. When looking at those lovely feet how can you even close your jaw lol

  10. Kingside -Question! : The foot that is quashing the word "anime" in your Villainess banner at the top of the page? Whose lovely foot is that? With the black painted nails?

    Not related but...

    ZOMFG -in the latest chapter wondeful Sakura foot shot on the bottom of page 9, as well as other distance shots throughout the chapter.

    Its just too bad she's crying. Girls shouldn't be crying and barefoot, they should be smiling. Someone should cheer her up.

  11. Ah that foot. ^_^ Ok before I give it away...for massive bragging rights...does anyone want to try to guess which hot villainess' foot that is?

    Also thanks very much for that picture Rexy640421. Sakura's foot looked really nice in it. Loved the amount of detail. :-D

  12. No challengers? Ok...the squasher is actually the barefoot witch Medusa from Sole Eater Rexy640421

  13. oh i always knew that, one can never forget those lovely toenails of hers

  14. It's true...once you see Medusa's gorgeous feet they're permanently engraved in your memory. There's no going back afterwards. :-D

  15. Well, being that this is the first time I've visited your blog, I'm very impressed by the amount of images relating to some of my favorite characters.

    On a related note, I'm totally digging your villainess takeover posts. And, since you also mentioned Medusa from Soul Eater, I have quite a few screen high res captures of her from early in the series. Somewhere from episodes 12 to 15 or so. If you haven't already taken some captures, I can forward them to you for posting here!

  16. send them to me Matrix, my email is

  17. O_O I just saw your collection Ayane Matrix. It's off the charts awesome. Thank you so much for it. ^_^

  18. Glad you like them KingSideCastle! :D

    She's my favorite villainess out of any anime so far just for the sheer sexiness of her feet and toes, and will probably remain so for a long time. lol