Thursday, August 20, 2009

Villainess Takeover: Eugeal (Bonus)

Well...because Francine Langstrom proved so massively popular, here is another sexy scientist and villainess for you...the Witches 5 member Eugeal. ^_^

(These caps of Eugeal (Eudial) are from the Sailor Moon S series episode 110)

I have to say...that's a extremely rotten prank to play on someone. :-( Poor Eugeal...I just wanted to take her foot and kiss it to make it feel all better after that.

One of the really great things about the Sailor Moon villains is that they have a lot of depth to them. They so well developed that a lot of the time you find yourself rooting for them. Looking at this hot villainess for example eventhough, she done some of the cruelest things (trying to steal people's hearts, torturing the Sailor Senshi etc), you can't help feeling bad for her when you see her colleagues tormenting her like that. I really have to give a lot of credit to the writers for managing to make her sympathetic .

Sure Eugeal can come off a little bit nerdy and a lot of times she plays comic relief when she's not posing a serious threat and dominating other characters but you can't help but like her. While she's not my favorite villianess of that season (that honor goes to another redhead who sadly doesn't go barefoot), I'd definitely love to be at her feet. ^_^

Ok, enjoy the caps everyone and more villainess action to come soon!!


  1. Nice some Sailor moon action! I sont think i am familiar with the S series oh well im not gonna complain she is really cute!
    Have you guys done Queen Beryl? (wait she wears a long dress crud)

  2. Thanks GFTS. Yeah sadly Beryl doesn't have any barefoot scenes (that I know about) but she was such a well known villainess that I still managed to give her a tribute a while back.

  3. My favorite of the Witches 5. :)

  4. She's definitely a good choice. ^_^

  5. this is a trick that should happen to all the sailor scouts

  6. Anything to get a closeup on their bare feet. ^_^

  7. Very good pick KSC.

    I would kiss her feet to make her feel better as well ^_^

  8. She probably would really enjoy that. :-)

  9. very nice, but sad there was barely any shots

  10. and how dare someone hurt a woman's foot

  11. I remember this scene. Excellent job getting shots of it. Too bad the rest of the Witches 5 dont get foot shots.

  12. Definitely a rotten prank to play on someone Match.

    Thanks SFD. The villainess that season I would have loved to see barefoot the most was Kaorinite. ^_^