Thursday, August 13, 2009

Villainess Takeover: Volcana (Bonus)'s another sizzling hot Superman villainess for you guys...the voluptuous Volcana. ^o^

(These are from the Superman: TAS episode "Where there's smoke". I also took a cap of her from her catfight against Supergirl in the episode "Unity". A massive thank you goes to Juancho for letting me know about this ultra hot swimsuit scene.)

As if Volcana wasn't hot enough already, the Superman producers decided to give her a scene where she's barefoot and in a bikini. :-D Needless to way to end an episode ever.

An interesting sidenote is that Volcana is voiced by the actress Peri Gilpin (best known for playing the character of Roz on Frasier). That definitely messes with my head but I think she did a good job. ^_^

For me Volcana poses a deadly double threat in my crush department. Being both a fire girl and a villainess, Volcana is able to take advantage of my soft spot for fire babes and my weakness for bad girls too. Just be glad that I'm not a superhero trying to stop her from robbing a bank because I'd be on my knees licking her feet as she emptied out the safe. ^_^;

One of my fantasies involving her feet has me warming up against them on a cool day. ^_^ Mmm...I'm gonna need a lot of ice after this one.

Ok everyone...there's definitely a lot more villainesses left to feature. Enjoy the pictures and more to come soon!!

Up up and away!!


  1. Oh my GOSH! That Volcana is definitely HOT. ^_^ Man, the Superman cartoon sure has some hot Bruce Timm babes... I just gotta get these episodes. Awesome posts so far, KSC! Barefoot bad girls rule.

  2. she is one hot tamale, sorry i couldnt help it

  3. Hey dude what time zone do you live in so I can know what time to come when you update?

  4. Wow. We all know Superman enjoyed those feet after that episode was "over".


  5. Thanks Solekeeper.Yeah Bad girls rule. If only they had a scene involving Mala barefoot. She's my favorite Superman villainess. ^_^

    Yeah Breakthewalls. Gotta love a firebabe. :-)

    Love the term "Hot Tamale" Match fits her perfectly. :-D

    I live in the Eastern United states time zone Harrison but I tend to update pretty randomly.

    No doubt J. :-D

  6. my favorite is Killer Frost. Oh how i would love to warm her soft soles

  7. Oh yeah Killer Frost is great. She's the perfect girl to daydream about during such a hot summer.

  8. i never get tired of seeing a barefoot girl on the beach

  9. I'm more of a cold climate man, and someone like Volcana would be perfect to warm up my late nights

  10. I'm more of a cold climate man and someone like Volcana would be perfect for my late night excitement.

  11. I'm more of a cold climate man, and someone like Volcana would be perfect to warm up my late nights