Thursday, August 4, 2016

Blazing Team: Masters of Yo Kwon Do: Maddie Stone

Maddie Stone is one of the members of the Blazing Team. Her animal spirit is the wolf. She tends to stand up for herself and her team, and can often be quite distant, like a lone wolf. She has a brother, Johnny, who used to be on the team, until he joined Belloc, an evil warlord.

If you watch Blazing Team, you can immediately know that Maddie is the tomboy of the series. She's strong, fierce, feisty, just like a wolf. She has a keen interest not only in her Yo Kwon Do arts, but in Kung Fu as well. These shots were taken from the episode "Muscle Beach" where she shows that interest. She is strong with her Yo-Yo as she is with her attitude. Don't get on her bad side. You don't know what she might do to you. Hope you enjoy!


  1. O_O Wow... Really Great to see an attractive redhead barefoot. Maddie seems like a really neat character. Nice post Flynn. ^_^