Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ring Dreams: Cleopatra

Hi guys. I got back late tonight. ^_^; Anyway our next Ring Dream girl up is Cleopatra . ^_^
As you guys have noticed there's currently an Arabian Women poll going on in the sidebar. ^_^ When I was doing the research for characters to pick for it, I was surprised to learn that Egypt was counted as part of the Arabic world. I was very happy to be able to include characters like Ishizu and Pharah in it though. This Ring Dream Character clearly has an Arabic element to her background as well as her move set shows.

An interesting bit of trivia that the original Cleopatra was Greek. She's a descendant of the Ptolemaic dynasty which came into power during the period when Alexander the great conquered Egypt. She lived from approx 69 - 30 BC. The Arabs didn't take over Egypt until 639 A.D.

In any case Ring Dream's Cleopatra seems like an awesome wrestlers. :-) I love the exotic types. I think it would be really fun to be dominated by her feet. ^_^

Ok everyone until next time.


  1. she is hot but it is a bit depressing seeing a post with a lot of pictures with only one of them having her feet in them

    1. Oh yes I definitely would love to see more of her feet as well. Gorgeous character though. I think I would really enjoy being in the ring with her. :-)

  2. Is there a possibility for a Manyuu Hikenchou tribute?

    1. Yes I just need to find the opportunity to Marathon Watch it. ^_^