Monday, August 1, 2016

Poll 66 Results

Ok the 66th Poll of the Month has come to a close. After an impressive 664 Votes... Here are the results!!
It looks like Black Window took down her competition. With a stunning 180 votes by the end of the month. She gained ground early and stayed on top to win this. In second place was the beautiful Anya from Anastasia and Alisa from God Eater took 3rd. Don't feel too bad for the rest of these women. They all proved to have people happy to train under their feet of their own and even the ultra rare Red Shadow managed to get 3 votes. I think it's safe to say though that with any beautiful Russian woman using their feet to train us, we'd all fee like winners.

Ok guys as always a Massive thank you to everyone for voting and sharing their opinions. Black Widow is a big project because she's been around for 52 years but I'll try to post a tribute to her in the future. :-)

All right everyone. A lot to do today. There should be a new poll up later today (if I can think up a good topic) and the marathon will continue as well.

See you again soon everyone!


  1. As for my favorite Russian character... O_O That's tough. I think I have to go with the Majority on this one and pick Black Widow but there are a lot of other hotties in this poll too. I also have a crush on Red Shadow even though she's super rare. You guys made some great suggestions for characters as well with Alisa, Varona and Natasha Volkova.

    Anyway thanks very much for voting everybody. ^_^

  2. I like Black Widow but I chose Anya I really love her design =D and attitude

    1. Both awesome characters. Anya is a great choice. ^_^ Yeah she does have a really cool design. :-)

  3. Had to pick Olga because I'm a huge Metal Gear fan. But Black Widow and Zarya were close behind.

    1. :-D Came close to picking Olga myself. I like her a lot as well. :-D Those two are great too.