Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wrestle Angels Survivor: Succubus Manabe

Double posting tonight due to the lack of foot content involving the following Wrestle Angels Survivor character (Succubus Manabe). Manabe is still a fun character and deserves her own tribute though.
Doing a double post tonight because I think think the following Wrestle Angel Survivor character (Succubus Manabe) has enough foot content available for her to stand on her own. She's still a really fun character though and deserves her own tribute.
(Once again a Massive Thanks to Double A for her!)

Succubus Manabe is known as the "Imp of the Ring". She's tricky and as these pictures suggest, she can be a bit of a tease. An example of this is her sneaking into the Wrestling presidents bed without clothes on and using that to catch the Wrestling president off guard so that he is easier to negotiate with. Her special finishing move in the ring is the Frankensteiner. :-)

As cute as she looks... you know that you have to be careful around this one.

Ok going to post another character in just a little bit. :-) Thanks for reading everyone!