Monday, August 1, 2016

Keiro (Part 2)

Ok everyone...I'm scrambling a bit tonight to try to get everything in. As you guys probably notice there is a new poll on display on your left.  This one deals with Arabian women's feet. :-) It might be a tricky one to decide who to vote for. There are a lot of really attractive female characters who fall into this poll's category. ^_^ Anyway... as promised, here is part 2 of the Keiro set!
(Once again a big Thank You to Match25 the Legendary Master of Sole Shots for recommending this CG Film!)

I talked a little bit about Keiro's plot in the last post so let's talk about Asae a little. It's not often we can see a character grow up before your eyes in a 5 minute time span. Asae does just that though. She's a good character. Sweet and caring while at the same determined and always moving forward. She definitely the type who cares about her friends as demonstrated by the fact when Kago weakens she carries him on her back. She's also not the type of person to shy away from a challenge. She keeps going even when the choices are hard. You really have to admire her determination. It's interesting that the animators chose to make her character barefoot. I think it serves to make her character all the more adventurous. There's no protection for her as she walks forward into the world. I'm sort of reminded of Rapunzel a little bit. Asae is also a character is eager to explore the world one barefoot step at a time. ^_^

As you guys can probably tell I really enjoyed this short film a lot. It was really sweet and emotional to watch. I was thinking as I was working on this entry that if I ever retire from blogging this is the type of post that would be perfect to conclude with. It pretty much has everything I enjoy about working on the site: a Beautiful girl, a Barefoot Tomboy, a Cute Redhead, a Journey, Adventure, Friendship and Memories.That said though I'm not done posting here yet! 

To More Adventures Everyone!


  1. Looks like a really cool short film, definitely gonna check that out!

    (this is just my preference, but I don't think it's super necessary to cap every single frame in these long shots where there's only minute differences between frames. :P Just makes it take longer to scroll through)

    1. :-) Thanks Atomic Chinchilla.

      Yeah I overcapped this one a bit. I was trying to go frame by frame but didn't take into account the high framerate of the CG animation. When I was done and noticed the amount of caps I realize I had gone a overboard quite a bit.