Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Death Parade: Nona

Ok tonight's post is an attractive Arbiter from the anime Death Parade. ^_^ One of the episodes gives us a really nice view of her blue polished toenails.
(These are from the Death Parade Episode 5. A Big Thank you to Dean Lawrence for recommending this scene.)

Death Parade is an anime that deals with the afterlife. When people die at the same time they are sent to a bar where an arbiter judges what to do with them. In order to decide where a departed soul belongs, the arbiter has them participate in a Death Game. The game is designed to reveal secrets about the departed individual. 

In the anime the main character is Decim, an arbiter responsible for judging the souls. Nona (the character this tribute is dedicated to) is his supervisor. From what I've seen, she is very powerful being able to take out a character that the main character is having trouble fighting in a single move. You also get the sense she is really intelligent and she strategizes on such a high level that the universe is affected by minute actions she takes. To give an example the billiards game she plays in this episode involes her trying to knock entire planets into the pool table pockets. She's also never been known to lose a game. She also seems to have a really dominating personality naturally taking charge of any situations. Really impressive and cool! 

Ok... That's all for tonight guys. As always more to come soon!


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  2. Cute but I'm a bit disturbed because she kinda looks like a female Rex Goodwin XD. Death Parade is interesting for sure there's two girls I like in if I'm remembering right

    XD had to retype forgot something

    Yo KSC, was gunna ask you this. I screencapped some great Kikyo barefoot scenes, but I'm going to have to do it in parts since there are so many, is that okay?

    Also when Kikyo is first "born" she's kinda bare, would that be okay or should I trim those parts?

    1. :-) Maybe the hair. O.O Judging from this episode it seems like an interesting anime. Maybe I should marathon watch it.

      O_O That sounds awesome Destiny Dueler. Love Kikyo a lot and would love to see those tributes. ^_^

      It really depends on how much of her is showing. It's been so long since I've seen that anime I can't remember what they show. If the scene reveals too much of her body. It might be better to trim a little just to be safe.

  3. Nona! She was definitely one of my favorite characters from Death Parade and I love her taste in footwear.

    1. :-D Yeah her taste in footwear is awesome.

  4. It was my pleasure to tell you about her :-) Kingsidecastle

  5. I was wondering... Do you know any animated movies that has bikinis and feet combined?

    1. I think some of the Scooby Doo movies might have that combination. Camp Scare and there was another one with Daphne in Hawaii I think.