Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wrestle Angels Survivor: Makoto Kondo

Ok completing the first round of Wrestle Angels Survivor tributes, here is a tribute to Makoto Kondo. ^_^ 
(Once again a Massive Thank You to Double A for her.)

Makoto Kondo aka Cyclone Kondo is known as the "Bullet of the West Coast" in the Ring. Despite her strong and tomboyish appearance, Makoto is shy around people and doesn't seem to like guys much. At the same time, she can be pretty passionate too falling into the Fiery Redhead trope. From a Foot Fan's perspective... one of the things that we would really like about Makoto that most of her moves are kicks. The exception to that is her finisher which is a Backfist.

Ok everyone. That's all for tonight. I still have some more Wrestle Angel Survivor characters to post but I think I'm going to alternate and do some different women and series for a bit just to shake things up a little. There definitely will be more wrestlers from this game appearing on the site in the future. ^_^

Until Next Time Guys!


  1. Wow a lot of these girls are super hot, any reason for the hair change or?

    1. Thanks Destiny Dueler. My guess is that the different hair colors are alternate outfits for the character. Maybe the game allows for same character matches.