Saturday, August 13, 2016

Ring Dream/Wrestle Angels Survivor: Diana Lyall

Ok to wrap up the first round of Ring Dream girls. Here is a tribute to Diana Lyall. :-) Diana actually stars in 2 games. In addition to Ring Dream, she stars in a game called Wrestle Angels Survivor which is another similarly themed game.
The Apron is from a particularly Kinky event scene where she wears it to seduce a Japanese president. She's apparently not wearing any additional articles of clothing underneath that apron. O_O
(Once again a Big Thank You to Double A for providing this awesome collection of characters and images)

Like Ring Dream,Wrestle Angels Survivor is a collectible card game that has you manage a team of sexy female wrestlers. It's worth noting that there is a Variable Geo element to game where the lose of certain matches are stripped.

Diana is one of two characters in Ring Dreams to crossover between games. The other is Sonic Cat who is responsible for taking Diana in when she was at her lowest moment.  In the game Diana is a live in helper to Sonic Cat. Being from Brazil, Diana is a foreigner to Japan. There is a running joke in the game that she gets all her knowledge of Japanese Traditions from watching TV.

Diana seems like a cool character. She's energetic, a strong fighter and a really passionate character who works to look out for her family.

Ok everyone... That's all for now. I'll start a new set tomorrow but you'll see more of Both Ring Dream and Wrestle Angels Survivor in future posts.

Until Next Time Everyone


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    1. Thanks Dean. ^_^ Yeah she is really sexy. :-)

  2. Do you know any short films that has a female wearing a bikini?

    1. O.O I have to think on that one. I'm sure there are a lot of films that have that but I'm a drawing a blank at the moment. I'll try and think about it some more.

      There are some animes and cartoons that I know though.

    2. Okay, can you think of teachers in cartoons that wore bikinis once?

    3. One scene that comes into mind is from Rosario + Vampire where the Cat Teacher wears a swimsuit a swimsuit a couple of times.
      I'll try to think of some others.