Thursday, August 18, 2016

Garfield: Liz Wilson

Just a light post for tonight. A tribute to Jon Arbuckle's (Garfield's Owner's) girlfriend Liz Wilson. ^_^
Lucky Cat. ^_^
(Various images from the Garfield Comic Strips. ^_^)

Make sure you read the comic strips in this post too guys. They are pretty funny. :-)

Liz is a cool character. She works as a veterinarian and she has a very dry sense of humor being known to provide a lot of snarky responses in the comics. John meets her when he takes Garfield for his veterinary appointments. A running joke in the early comics was that John would try to ask her for a date but she would always turn him down. Eventually though she develops feeling for him and becomes his girlfriend. As his girlfriend, Liz is shown to be really supportive of Jon. However she still known to give him dry quip or two when the situation requires it (which is rather often). 

I'm actually a really big fan of the Garfield Comic strip. It managed to really crack me up several times.  Liz is a great part of that strip too. You gotta love fun and sarcastic characters. Actually all the characters in the strip rock. :-)

A bit of trivia is that in the movies Liz is portrayed by Jennifer Love Hewitt which is really hot as well.

Ok everyone. That's all for now. As always more to come soon!


  1. A classic long-running comic strip. :) Probably my second favorite after Calvin and Hobbes.

    1. :-) Yeah. O_O I never read Calvin and Hobbes before. Have to try that one.

      My top 3 favorites are:
      1) Garfiend
      2) Peanuts
      3) The Boondocks