Monday, August 15, 2016

Fairy Tale Feeturettes Vol 3: The Old Woman in the Woods: Lizbeth (Part 2)

Previously on Anime Feet Feeturettes: 
and now our exciting conclusion. ^_^
(Once again Massive Thank yous to both JTurner and Kitty Pakah for these scenes. As with the last post, these are from the Grimm's Fairy Tale Episode Season 2 Episode 6)

Episode Summary Continued:

When we last left Lizbeth... she was determined to find out the mystery behind her Owl friend's disappearances at night. She followed the owl into the woods only to be attacked by a pack of wolves. With the Owl's assistance she was able to escape to safety. The Owl reveals to her that he is under a curse from the witch. The only way to free him is for Lizbeth to retrieve a key from the witch's manor in the forest. With the key, Lizbeth would then then need to find the lock for it hidden in the manor as well. However the manor is guarded by the Witch herself along with her army of Goblins. If that wasn't dangerous enough while in the manor, Lizbeth is not allowed to utter a single word or she would fall under a curse herself and the Witch would use every illusion and magic trick at her disposal to get Lizbeth to speak. Instead of fearing for her own safety, Lizbeth is determined to help.  

This episode was a lot of fun to watch. It's really impressive the amount of story that the Grimm Fairy Tale Classic producers managed to adapt into a 19 minute episode. Talk about action packed.

When you think about the Grimm Fairy Tale stories, the protagonists tend to fall into two patterns. With one type of story, the protagonist tends to make a mistake like Little Red Riding Hood talking to strangers. The idea is that the story teaches children not to do something. The other type of story has a protagonist display heroic qualities such as courage or kindness in order to get their happy ending. They show children how to behave.

Josephine from Bluebeard was the type of protagonist that shows the people following her story what not to do. She is greedy, recklessly curious and she doesn't listen to her brother's good advice. The mistakes she makes gets her into trouble because of it. In contrast, Lizbeth is a much more heroic character; She's brave and she's willing to do anything to help her friend. There's really a lot to admire about her. I found myself rooting for her and cheering her on as I watched her adventures. She really deserved it... she's a great character.

Ok everyone that all for tonight.  Let's close out this post in true Fairy Tale Fashion and say... The End. ^_^

As always though... more to come soon. :-) 


  1. Ok, now we're waiting for next episode. :D

    I looked for some other episode of this serie with barefoot characters, but I found only a really short scene on Cinderella (strange, there's a lot of book illustrations with Cinderella barefoot).

    1. :-)

      O_O Have to see that one. Cinderella is the classic fairy tale for foot fans. I was really hoping they would give her a good scene in this anime adaption. Maybe we can do different variations of this scene.

  2. Sadly in this version she is barefoot for a brief moment when she woke up, then wear clogs..

    1. Oh... at least a small scene I guess. Were you able to find an italian version of the episode. I could only seem to find the English one. ^_^;


    3. :-) Thanks the quality in these are great.

  3. I'll admit, when I first saw this episode, the close-up shots sent me into barefoot shock.