Thursday, August 25, 2016

Gen 13: Sarah Rainmaker

Update 8/27/16: Added 10 new images to last night's post at the bottom. ^_^
One of the fun things about incorporating suggestions in the polls of the month is that you guys introduce me to really awesome characters that I didn't know existed before. This sexy woman was one of your suggestions for the Native American poll. :-) Really great recommendation guys. ^_^
(A big thanks to Comic Vine for providing these images of her. I think more than one artist is responsible for drawing her in the comics. Among them though is J. Scott Campbell. ^_^)

Sarah is an Apache woman who has the ability to control the weather. Similar to Storm she can manipulate rain and lightning. She also seems to have the ability to fly in the clouds. She is part of  a hero team with special abilities called Gen 13. As a member of the team Sarah is the peacemaker of the group and usually the one to resolve conflicts with her teammates. She is also an environmentalist and one of the early bisexual/lesbian characters in comics.* In addition to her powers Sarah is skilled at hand to hand combat. ^_^

I can see why despite being a rare character Sarah managed to nab quite a few votes in her poll. She's exotic, a super-heroine and she looks really sexy too. I definitely wouldn't mind having my face massaged by her feet. In fact if she wanted me to spend the day as her footstool... I would probably be probably happy to let her use me like that.

An interesting piece of trivia is that Sarah's measurements are based on model/actress Stephanie Seymour.  She has a height of 5'11" and weight of 135 lbs.

Ok guys that's all for tonight. As always... more to come soon. ^_^

*Note: While Sarah was originally depicted as Bisexual (specifically is Scott Lobdell's run), later comics confirmed her to be a Lesbian.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. ^_^ Yeah she has a nice exotic look. A lot of props to the artists drawing her.

  2. I always loved her and roxy (Freefall) but a hard and sensual one to find would be zealot or voodoo from wildcats also from image comics. :) nice post!

    1. O_O I have to look up Freefall. Yeah I've been looking for some good barefoot images of Zealot for awhile. She's really rare. Voodoo has some good appearances I'm happy to see that they gave her some barefoot scenes when she reappeared in the New 52 universe. I'll try to post her later in the week.

    2. Zealot is hard. I recall one partial shot in the "Homecoming" arc Alan Moore did about them going home and finding out the war had been over for a long time. She was being bathed by her servants.

      Voodoo I never saw much of though.

    3. O_O I'll have to look that one up. Do you know what volume that was?

      I post what I have of her later tonight.

    4. I do not. I think it was the volume before "gangwar" when majestic and Savant make a new team on earth. Oddly Savant is rather easy to find foot wise she's got a whole back end story in earlier wildcats where she's a female Indiana Jones knockoff in a fur biniki. :)

    5. I'll see if I can come across it. ^_^ Wow that sound hot. I'll try to find that too. Thank very much for these recommendations Darkmind. ^_^

  3. She is indeed very hot, but she's actually just a lesbian and not bisexual.

    1. I seem to recall she made out extensively with burnout though.

    2. :-) Comics and their retcons. ^_^ I'll update the post with more accurate info.