Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fairy Tale Feeturettes Vol 3: The Old Woman in the Woods: Lizbeth (Part 1)

Ok Fairy Tale Feeturettes is back for Vol. 3. Tonight's post is another Grimm Fairy Tale Classic episode titled "The Old Woman in the Woods" which features a barefoot servant girl named Lizbeth.
(These are capped from the Grimm's Fairy Tales Classics Anime Season 2 Episode 6. Once again I have to give really massive Thank yous to JTurner and Kitty Pakah for recommending and sending in this episode.)

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My knowledge of Fairy Tales is pretty good but the Old Woman in the Woods is completely new to me. I hadn't heard about this one before so it was exciting to watch. I really didn't know how the story would play out. An added visual enjoyment to watching was that the protagonist of the story Lizbeth is pretty much barefoot throughout the episode. Even when she is offered the opportunity to wear shoes she decides to opt against it.  In fact there were so many barefoot scenes of her that I had to separate the caps in this episode into 2 sets.

The basic plot of the story is as follows. Lizbeth is a servant girl whose caravan is attacked in the forest by a Witch. She manages to escape the Witch by running into the woods. In the woods she encounters an owl who befriends her. He shows her a key which she can use to get the food and clothing she needs to survive in the forest. She is happy to have a friend but there is something mysterious about the owl.  He constantly disappears at night and she wonders where he goes. One night she decides to follow him into the forest...

Ok I know a good cliffhanger when I see it. We'll continue Lizbeth's story in my next post. :-D

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  1. Can you think of cartoons (not anime) that has a mother wearing a bikini once?

    1. Mothers huh? That's a tough one. I'm blanking on that.

    2. That's still incredibly hard to think of if you're limiting to Bikini scenes from Cartoons alone. ^_^;

      I did think of another set of anime teachers though... Yukari and Nyamo from Azumanga Daioh

  2. Very adorable! I can only imagine just how dirty her feet are getting!