Saturday, August 20, 2016

Wrestle Angels Survivor: Yui Naruse

Tonight's post is another Wrestle Angels Survivor character Yui Naruse. ^_^
(Once again a Big Thank you to Double A for recommending and sending in pictures for this character. ^_^)

I was looking at her bio on the Wrestle Angels Survivor Wiki. Yui has a very similar background to Ty Lee from Avatar being a circus performer. Strapped for cash Yui decides to take up Wrestling as a way to make quick cash. She's very good at it and her formidable skills in the ring earned her the fearsome nickname of the the Acrobat. She has a really energetic personality. Her fans call her Kero-chan (Japanese for Frog) due to her love of wearing green in the ring. ^_^

Yui seems like a really fun character to watch in action. Hyper girls are always really entertaining.  ^_^ I imagine that any scenes/matches involving her in the game would be really fun to watch. :-)

Ok everyone. That's all for tonight. Thanks for reading and as always... more to come soon!

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