Monday, August 22, 2016

Wrestle Angels Survivor: Ami Kurihama

Another Wrestle Angels Survivor Post Tonight. This time the featured wrestler is Ami Kurihama.
(Yet again a Tremendous Thank You to Double A for these images!)

It's difficult to tell from how adorable Ami looks eating ice cream in some of these pictures but this wrestler's whole shtick is that she's heavily into the occult. Ami's nickname in the ring is the Black Magician. She joins the Player's organization claiming that he is the reincarnation of her master Aleister Crawley (though it's hinted that she just made up that story out of a crush on him). She seems really devoted to her crush even willing to cosplay as an obedient puppy for him. Kinky!

Looking at her images and bios, I think that Ami would make a great girlfriend. Any attractive woman that's willing to roleplay and cosplay for her crush is a keeper in my book.

Ok that will close out this post. Once again thanks for visiting and as always... more to come soon!


  1. She is really so dam sexy ;-) nice find

    1. :-) Yeah she is great. Thanks again Dean. ^_^

    2. I really love the one were she laying on the ground :-D

    3. :-) Yeah that's my favorite pic in the set too.