Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wrestle Angels Survivor: Dolphin Ayase

Ok the next Wrestle Angels Survivor Character up is Dolphin Ayase.
(Once again a Massive Thank you to Double A for this set of pictures as well as all the Wrestle Angel Survivor girls)

Dolphin Ayase is a sweet character. She very kindhearted and wrestles for her family sending a portion of the money she earns to her parents and little sister. She even takes additional part time jobs to support them. In the ring Ayase is known as "The Bullet of the Southern Sea". Ayase specializes in Striking moves and is a weaker character defensive. Her finishing move is a heel drop.

It's very hard not to like Ayase. While Bad girls definitely have their appeal it's the sweeter girls that melt your heart. Knowing how much this girl cares about her family, I think that a lot of find ourselves rooting for her during her matches. The fact that she is hot as well is an added plus of course. ;-)

Ok everyone that's all for tonight. Tomorrow's post will probably conclude the first round of Wrestle Angel characters.  As always... more to come soon!

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