Saturday, July 30, 2016

Atlantean Feet (Triple Bonus)

Update: 8/5/16
     Added a cosplayer section for Tula. (Doesn't quite compare with Mera's but there are a couple of nice shots.

Ok tonight we are taking the plunge and diving below the waves to deal with Atlantean feet.  To clarify by Atlanteans, I'm referring to Aquaman's race of underwater dwelling humanoids from the DC Universe. We're going to make a splash with not one, not two but 3 girls. Let's start with Aquaman's mother...
Queen Atlanna
Atlanna doesn't appear nearly often enough in any incarnation because her storyline is usually wrapped up prior to Aquaman becoming a Superhero.
She does make an appearance in the DC direct to video movie Throne of Atlantis where she is the reigning Queen of Atlantis in the beginning of the film.
The nice thing about about the animated DC animated universe is that Atlanteans tend to show off there feet a lot. I would guess that it's probably because it's easier to maneuver in water without footwear weighing you down. In a lot of the animated cases Atlantean women are either barefoot or close to barefoot. This is the case in Throne of Atlantis with both Atlanna and Mera (who you'll see in a bit).
In the movie Atlanna is given a brief barefoot scene in a flashback involving Aquaman. I wish there was a closeup to show you guys but it is nice to see even a peek of her feet. The bikini like outfit she is wearing definitely helps a lot as well. ^_^ 
Her comic book incarnation Luckily has a couple of nice moments. ^_^
(These above are from Throne of Atlantis and Various Comic Issues mostly dealing with Aquaman's origin story.)

Moving Along let's follow this up with Aquaman's wife...
Queen Mera
Mera makes an appearance in Throne of Atlantis as a warrior Aquaman's mother entrusted to protect her son and advise him.
In addition to the usual Atlantean powers of enhanced strength and the telepathic ability to communicate with sea life, Mera has the mystical ability to control water making it harden or move in the direction she desires. (Think Water Bending from Avatar)
Her costume allows you to see a generous amount of her feet. :-) 
Being a warrior Mera is an incredibly skilled fighter. I imagine that she delivers quite a mean kick. ^_^
It is also worth noting that Mera's character in this movie is extremely similar to her Young Justice incarnation. That version of her complete with her exposed soles will appear her again in a future post. :-)
Like with Atlanna let's take a look at Mera's comic book incarnation too... I want to focus on a specific version of her comic character... Her Bombshell Depiction. :-)
DC Bombshells Mera
The DC Heroines Bombshells comic series takes place in a version of DC Universe where all the characters exist during the World War II time period.
The really nice thing about Mera in this time period is that she shows off her feet pretty often. If she not depicted as barefoot outright. She's at least wearing revealing shoes. More on Mera's comic counterpart to come in the future.

A Special bonus for you scavenger hunters who read through the blog Thoroughly. ^_^
Mera Cosplayers:

Ok let's move on..
Aquagirl (Tula)
It doesn't feel right doing a tribute to Atlantian feet without at least trying to get in a version of Aquagirl.
If you remember my earlier Aquagirl post. It focuses on a different character. Tula is actually considered the second character to possess the title.  Four DC characters exist who have used the name but only 3 of them are prominent. One of them only made an appear in only one issue and was quickly forgotten.
The barefoot scenes come from the DC animated direct to video film the Flashpoint Paradox. 
Flashpoint features a darker version of Aquagirl. She's much more colder and ruthless  as evidenced by the way she dispatches these mercenaries beneath her feet in this scene.
Like with Mera's movie counterpart. This version of Tula has Young Justice counterpart with a similar appearance who will appear here in the future.
(Special Thanks to both Blackviper and Match25 (The Legendary Master of Sole Shots) for recommend all these Atlantean characters and movie scenes)

Cosplay pictures involving Aquagirl:

Ok I'll end things here for tonight. A little bit of a late finish but I was able to knock off marathon Day 41. As always everybody... more to come soon!


  1. OH WOW great shots of Mera and Tula

  2. There's more Tula and Mera goodness to be found in the Young Justice season 1 episode "Downtime." Just sayin' ;)

    1. Yes. ^_^ I think it's safe to say that caps from that episode will appear in future posts. I also want to do some more of bombshell Mera in the future as well.