Saturday, July 23, 2016

Gotham Sirens: Harley Ivy and Catwoman

I told you Harley would reappear on the site sooner than you'd expect guys. As a thank you to all her fans for supporting her Megapost she decided to make one final appearance on the site this month. What could be better than one DC Villainess? How about 3 of them? :-D Yup Harley, Poison Ivy and Catwoman in the house. ^_^
As I was working on the Harley Mega-Post, I came across pictures that had more than just Harley's feet. This tribute covers the particularly awesome moments where the other classic female villainesses showed there feet off beside her. ^_^
Harley Quinn Ongoing Series
The cap above and the 5 caps below are from issue 7
Once again Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Connors manage to deliver some really awesome scenes and memorable moments
I really urge you to read the comic dialogue bubbles with this set. Not just because there are a ton of hilarious moments but several of them discuss Harley Feet in the process answering such awesome question like... How would Harley respond to someone offering to rub her feet?
What if they complimented her on it?
What type of pedicure does she prefer?
What Ivy thinks about people happy to help out like that.
Animated DCU Comics
I have to double check the location each of the 15 caps below are from. A lot of them are from the mini-series Harley and Ivy but I think that there are also a few from Gotham Girls and the Batman the Animated series comic.
L'il Gotham

As mentioned in an earlier tribute, Dustin Nguyen was responsible for this cute take on Gotham City.
Barefoot Catwoman and Poison Ivy look adorable. ^_^
Gotham Sirens
The Bat Villainess Trio of Poison Ivy, Catwoman and Harley Quinn are known as the Gotham Sirens. I have never heard them actually refer to themselves by that title (unless you count the Bat Romance Parody Music Video) but that team up gets its name from a series featuring them released 2009.
The series was launched during the Batman Reborn Era when Dick Grayson was taking over Bruce Wayne as Batman.
It ran for 26 issues.
If I do my job right, you guys should be able to recognize certain artist from their style of artwork.
Pay attention to the name Guillem March his distinct style was featured here in the past and it will come up in future posts as well.
Harley Quinn Road Trip Special
I saved my favorite set for last. :-D I really highly recommend this one shot comic issue featuring Harley, Catwoman and Ivy taking a road trip together. ^_^
Once again I have to really tip my hat to writing team behind this series. Amanda Connors & Jimmy Palmiotti for an amazing job writing. Actually the entire creative team deserves props. There were a ton of artists involved in this project and every single one of them brought it!
Not only does the issue have fanservice  and foot moments!! It's hilarious to read.
Best Road Trip Ever!!
I love how these women leave there flip flops lying around in many of these images. You have to wonder what these girls feet smell like after a long day in the sun like that!

(Ok.... A Big Thank You to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for contributing the comic the last set was taken from. It was great)

I think these are probably my favorite set of villainesses to be dominated by. All of them are hot!! Despite the high crime rate in Gotham City, I still find myself wanting to live there. ^_^

Sidenote: It's great to see how each artist draws these characters. All of them have their own minute details that really convey each girls personality and style. (Ex. The character's choices of swimsuit in Road Trip or How Harley's top would slip off her arms in the Animated DCU set) They were really cool touches!

All right everyone. I'll leave you guys to enjoy the post. I seriously need a cold shower after this one. Have a Great Weekend and more to come soon!!


  1. That's awesome that Harley loves the attention to her feet. That makes me all the more eager to serve them myself!

    1. :-D It's really nice to see that she appreciates a good foot massage. A lot of fun dialogue in that scene.

    2. Totally. And I'll always be hoping for more.

  2. Glad you found that last comic was trying to think of it, that's where Selina does her toes XD great post

    1. :-D Thanks very much Destiny Dueler. :-D That issue was a gold mine. Several jaw dropping moments. It will come up on at least 2 more posts on this site in the future. ;-)