Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Teen Titans Go!: Jinx

Ok Tonight's tribute is to the cute Teen Titan villainess Jinx. ^_^ She give us a rare barefoot scene in the the Teen Titan's episode Scary Figure Dance where she dons a Halloween Costume. ^_^

(A Big Thank you to GumballW for tipping us off to this scene. ^_^)

Bonus: A clip showing the Scary Figure Dance performed.

Jinx is really cool. She has the ability to manipulate probability ala Scarlet Witch making her a difficult opponent to go up against. She is also really smart. :-D She is a member of the villainous group H.I.V.E. as well as the Fearsome 5 and usually works with her partners Gizmo and Mammoth to cause trouble for the Titans. In the original Titan series she winds up having a relationship with Kid Flash.

It's noteworthy that Jinx's Teen Titans cartoon depiction varies from her comic book incarnation. Both version of her are cool in their own way. Her comic book version is of Indian descent and tends to be barefoot often because her elemental powers requires her to maintain contact with the Earth to use them. (I really need to find pictures of this) As you  can see her Teen Titan's cartoon version has sort of exotic Goth thing going on. She still looks really cute though.

Ok guys. I have one more link for you. My Friend Stefan asked me if I could promote his new fanfiction story page.
Stefan is the author responsible for a lot of classic story interactives written on It's really good to see him continuing to write. Maybe check out his page if you can.

 All right...  That's it for now. The Summer Marathon is still going strong 23 days into it. ^_^ As always more to come soon. :-)


  1. You're welcome can't wait for the Minnie tribute though, no rush

    1. :-D Oh yeah still in the process of capping her. Should be posted pretty soon though. ^_^

  2. I know why dwbut.. buti can't see the Lisa Simpson feet album...
    Jinx are super cute anyway..

    1. Thanks... sadly the Lisa set needs to be reposted. The picture account that was hosting her pictures got deleted. We'll reupload them eventually though.

    2. Ow..ok, thank you, i love the Shizuka set too
      In my opinion that 2,girl have the cutest feet..