Monday, July 4, 2016

DC Super Hero Girls: Supergirl

Update: 3/10/18 Added some images from Supergirl's Dress Up Doll Game and an image from Season 4 Episode 6.

I was out watching the New York City Fireworks so just a quick one tonight. Still a nice one though. If I could choose any heroine to hang out with Supergirl would be in my top 5. DC Superhero Girls offers us a nice glimpse of her feet in the first episode of season 2.
(A Massive Thank You to JTurner for this scene as well as the panup from the episode Fish out of Water below. ^_^)
Some of her Dress Up Doll Flash Game as well:

Previous Anime Feet Posts Involving Supergirl's feet:

Previous Anime Feet Post Involving DC Super Hero Girls:

For the record... If I had to rank my top 5 heroines across the Genres my list would probably be
1) Ino Yamanaka
2) Sailor Mars
3) Supergirl
4) Cammy
5) Huntress

It's a very good time to be a Supergirl fan. :-D Her live action TV series is going strong, she has two new comic series underway  (one being based on her TV show and the other being the upcoming Supergirl Rebirth) and she is a main character in these cartoon shorts as well. ^_^

Super Hero Girls provides a really cute and sweet take on this character. Her online bio describes her as "Adorkable" which just sort of makes you want to go Aww. In the series she has all her cool powers (Heart Vision, X-Ray Vision, Super Speed, Flight, Invincibility and Super hearing). She just hasn't learned to master them yet and can be a little bit clumsy. As her bio describes it "She is the most powerful teen on Earth...If only she could stop tripping over her own to feet". She also described as kind and optimistic. She seems like the type of girl that you would want to be friends with. :-D

All right... That will do it for now. As always more to come soon.

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