Saturday, July 2, 2016

Hunter X Hunter: Shizuku

Ok tonight's post is a series of images of the character Shizuka from the series from Hunter X Hunter. ^_^

(A Big Thank You to Double A for sending these in. You guys will see more of the pictures that he's collected and put together over the summer including a deluxe mega-set that I'm really excited to post. ^_^)

Hunter X Hunter is one of those anime series I've heard of but never seen. Apparently I'm missing out on quite a bit because this girl is really cute. ^_^

According to the her Hunter X Hunter wiki bio, Shizuku is part of a group of Thieves known as the Phantom Troupe. She's the 8th member of the group and her Physical strength is ranked 12th on her team. The wiki describes her as a skilled thief with enhanced strength, speed, reflexes and agility. She also is a good strategist being able to identify an opponent's weaknesses and she's quite proficient at using weapons. In addition to that, Shizuku has a special conjurer ability. She can summon a giant vaccuum cleaner which can suck up the living things around it.

Personality Wise Shizuku can be pretty absentminded and airhead leading opponents to underestimate her. She has her own code of honor though when it comes to her own troupe

All in all Shizuku seems like a really fun character. A quirky bad girl who is quite skilled at what she does. She seems like she would be fun to play with though you should probably watch your pocket if she's not on your side,

Ok... That's all for tonight. If you guys liked this post... let me know. Maybe I'll add Hunter X Hunter to my Watch List.

Until Next Time Everyone.