Saturday, July 16, 2016

My Little Pony: Equestira Girls: Rarity

My first post features a special one, and probably an unfamiliar post. Meet Rarity. She is the most generous and the most beautiful pony in all of Equestria. Rarity is a character created by Lauren Faust, who also created Powerpuff Girls, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Samurai Jack, Wander over Yonder, and the current generation of My Little Pony (2010). Rarity is also voiced by Tabitha St. Germain. For those of you who don't know what this is, this is a spin-off of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, which the ponies traveled to a dimension from the Crystal Empire where they turn into humans. So Rarity, who is a unicorn is actually a human counterpart from the movie. Seems like a fanfic idea if you ask me. Anyway, enjoy! (Updated post: EQG short, "Shake your Tail!") We definitely need more fanart of the Mane 6 in hula clothes. It's really sad that we're lacking of that fanservice.


  1. Excellent post. I hope we can get more in the next movie.

    Though don't forget there was some shots in one of the animated shorts n.n

  2. Incidentally only Twilight travels there it just turns out everyone from her world including her (but oddly not sunset) has a counterpart there. Personally I like to think sunset killed her counterpart but I doubt Hasbro would have the guts to show or imply that.

    It's rather a good concept overall personally I feel it frees us up for a wider story we can tell as opposed to equestrian semi quasi sorta kinda 1500s setting.

    But that's my opinion n.n

  3. Welcome Aboard Brony Rebellion X. This is an awesome post. I really cool to see that one of the Ponies got a foot scene in their human forms. That's really a "Rare" find. ^_^

    1. Thanks, and I wish Derpibooru had more of the Mane 6 in hula clothes from that short. It's really lacking.

  4. Oh just so you know, I'll post Pinkie Pie also from the short Shake Your Tail.

  5. Also in one of the Equestria girls specials a younger Applejack is barefoot